Friday, July 25, 2008

Michelle & Jonathan

Invited to dinner by Janet the pharmacist. Scrumptious meal. Home made bread, roast chicken, minestrone soup, and my very favorite in the whole wide world, custard eclair (P/s Sorry Lee, no sambal belacan or ayam masak lemak cili api).

Janet wanted me to savour her many selection of cheeses and wines, but we were too full after the main course! So sayang o. Below is my fav fav fav! custard eclair...

Freshly baked warm bread!!! Yupppp people....dip in minestrone and chick peas soup.

Roast chicken...sangat sedap.

Couldn't get enough pic of my fav fav fav custard eclairs.

We were entertained by Janet & Doug's children - the strapping young man Jonathan and little Michelle. Janet showed me her coveted picnic basket (P/S Janet won't sell this basket to me sob, sob, sob, sob). The kids were trying to show me the multi functionality of the basket - as a picnic basket cum toy.

(Notes: Apologize for the almost "sombre" post - today, will be having a meeting which I seriously detest.


Shabbymom said...

wah lawa oh the picnic basket!!!!...& the food....wah Janet.....punya rajin!!!!.....& beautiful kids!!!!!

fabmom said...

astaga !! c jonathan! kalau pecah basket tu!
tapi eclairs tu memang..aiyoo..bikin laparr..punya terror Janet.

Val Aziz said...

Janet u should open a cafe or bakery lah just beside ur pharmacy..

Janet said...

Yes...a bakery that says 'in case of food poisoning, please step into my pharmacy next door..." Hahaha!!! Thanks for the suggestion. Will make Val Aziz my first life-long customer! Ceret or not!

Janet said...

Eh, lupa thanks for the compliments Shabbymom and Fabmom.
By the way, mana roast ayamnya? I want see the picture!

Lab papa said...

aiyo bestnya,

kak jan, next time invite us also lah hahahahah