Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Roses are red, violets are blue.....

Gambar atas for gula-gula mata. Will be off for outstation the whole of this week. Will be back and update more next week. Will feature more lapik meja, cadar, bedspread in whimsicalfabric next week. AKu mau pikir dulu mau kasi nama apa the collection (ini kalah Carl Lagerfield ni) wakakakakakkakakakaakakak....
Take care u'ol.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Pimped my Kutin

Weekend was good. Didn't succumb to laziness. Managed to makeover balcony garden and a very very delightful "pengubahsuaian kutin biskut". (p/s agak bahaya juga word pimp tu kan, mcm ada unsur-unsur pelacuran - bapa ayam, hmmmmm. I want to do mcm di MTV yg Pimped my Ride tu bah- pengubahsuaian kereta tho). Anyway, was very very smitten by Cath Kidston Christmas Cake Tin Biscuits, but couldn't find any of such tin here. So had to think of other ways to satisfy cravings for CK tin. Found an empty kutin biskut laying around, sprayed paint it white, and decoupage with Cath Kidston's serviette (courtesy of Shabbychic mum). I am so very very in love with my tin as of now. Initially wanted to give this to my mum for christmas present for her to put her sirih, kapur, pinang, sigup...but nanti kena stain sirih pula kan..Will think of other things lah.

Before and after. 15 minutes max to transform an otherwise normal Danish kutin to a "cousin jauh@adik-beradik kuyuk kutin Cath Kidston".

Old ageing flowers/plants de rooted and changed to vegetables. Ini aktiviti yg sgt memenatkan dan very time consuming. Will update on the new look of this garden.

(P/S whimsicalfabric is now open dengan koleksi-koleksi baru. Dimulakan dengan a collection named as FAITH, wakakakakakkakakakak (kaki berangan angan))

Friday, November 21, 2008


Off for outstation work. Be back very soon....
(p/s fotonya agak gelap ya. mcm tiada karan)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A BAsket & Sandakan

Yesterday went for building inspection in Sandakan. I wish that I will live to see a mindset transformation in our culture. From a perusak harta benda awam dan pengotor to a pembersih la kan with social conscience. The building is only about a year old, but the lamps were destroyed. Apa juga pikiran dorang ni ah, seriously kan I wish ada invisible angel penjaga di tangga tu dan the moment para perusak mau tendang the lampu, tarus bengkok kaki dorang! baru tiwas kan! And the toilets pun sob sob sob (akak tak terkata). Is it a game ka tu ah mau kencing main pancit di merata tempat? If I am invisible akan ku pacik "alat pengencing" mereka. I wish Labpapa can buy any medication from Japan utk kasi baik pikiran para perusak hartabenda ni and spray dari udara Sabah ni, supaya kita akan emulate the Japanese who are very clean, organise with high social responsibilities. My heart is heavy with these responsibilities. Heavy seperti awan di gambar di bawah heheheheheh. Picture was taken from the eating area of the building. Bukan main bisai pemandangan kan.
On to a very very happy notes. To reward myself (hahahahhaaha 'm very fond of rewarding oneself eh), I went for window shopping at the new Putatan shopping area, and found this delightful rattan bag/basket. I so fall in love with its round shape. Initially I wanted this for my Mom's christmas present, but I kind of like it myself....hmmmm. I'm contemplating now to paint it white. What do u'ol think?

Atas pic without flash, below - with flash (apa motif kan s & m?)

Check out the inside. Very christmas kan the fabric. It is quite huge inside u know. I can put 10 medium size oranges, 2 magazines and our normal girls' stuff inside. The plus point is this basket is very light. Sangat bisai kalau bawa ni sambil pakai baju gaba-gaba sundress macam si Chacha punya kan. Sambil jalan-jalan ditiup angin di laut (wakakakakakakakaakaak! imagination runs wild).

Today will be having a meeting. I pray hard so that I can handle this office conflict with grace and wisdom.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Clan

Today's theme is family. Above is my niece Nia. She is terribly camera shy, so out of the blue she agreed to pose for this pic!!!! She even consented to wear the colorful "susuga".
Yup.....a must do activities. Hahahahaahaha, my sister Inak has no hair lice, just a few gray/white hair. Acara mencabut rambut putih. (Dia bagi sudah amaran jgn taruh this in blog...tapi i love the senyuman dlm gambar ni).

Fashionista niece, Nurul @ si gretel.

Mama ku.
The latest addition to the family - everyone dotted on him.

Silly picture. Wakakakakakakak.

View taken from the balcony of the house. All green kan. Macam mau pedas mata I tengok all green and the air terlampau fresh. Lain jua kalau biasa udara kotor ni kan. Tekajut kali my system with the clean air.

I forced these 2 girls for this silly picture...Velvet & Adik.

'M off to Sandakan tomorrow for another site inspection. See u'ol on wednesday.

The Tale of a Hansel & a Gretel

Once upon a fine saturday afternoon a Hansel and a Gretel were feeling down and "lost" at home (too much TV watching). A good fairy godmother (wakakakakakakakaa!) decided to cheer them up by going for cookies house and toys.
Hansel & Gretel were overwhelmed by the many temptations, however they must stick to the rule given by the fairygodmother, that each is entitled to one toy and one cookie or ice cream per person.

Gretel was distracted by many pink and glass slippers...but slippers are not in the bargain...with a heavy heart she waved goodbye to the pink glass slippers (tiada pun pink selipar dlm gambar kan).

They formed a united front to hunt for perfect toys.

Hansel and Gretel reluctantly posed for their fairy photopgrapher in front of the toys' cave.

Hansel waited patiently for Gretel's attempt to persuade their fairygodmother for a slipper..But rules are rules..no slippers.

Together they defeated the fairygodmother and managed to bring home 2 toys each (rule - one toy per person) and countless ice cream and sweets. Gretel even managed to make the fairygodmother promised to buy her a pink slippers in a faraway land in KK.
A very happy Hansel & Gretel!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Tea Party (again and again and again...)

The rangka group in session again. Wakakakakak. Nyonya Fish Head, Honey Chicken Fabmom, sambal mangga, and excellent desserts - goreng pisang, goreng tarap, "tauhu" (?) manis disaluti kelapa, eclairs, my marshmallow dipped in chocolate.

Pictures above is the preparation of the marshmallow choc. Had to use kepayas bikin foundation to kasi berdiri the stick. These were made with Sofea's in mind, the pink flowers are esp. for her.

"Tauhu" (I don't think its tauhu, we discussed at length on what is this thing, Sri bought from Wisma Meredeka. It taste like milk, but texture macam tauhu. Bikin gila mau pikir apa benda ni, tapi nyaman gila!!!!!! Memang tauhu paling bisai di dunia!!!!!!

The host with littel co-hosts. Lawa style rambut si Fabmon baru dia begunting.

It rained sedikit gurut-gurut outside. Suka i tengok the suasana basah di luar. Romantik konon.

Desert no 2 bisai di dunia. Banana and tarap fritters. Tapi si Shabbymom inda makan tarap. Dia takut ketulahan tarap di goreng.

Gambar bawah, aku mau buat kesan-kesan seni konon, biji tarap ber background roses. Wakakakakakkaakak!

Si sofea paling pandai menambat hati. And pandai menjeling sudah. Mcm org bujang. Sure ketawa tengok ulah dia ni.

Little co-hosts. Julia Shahira anak si Fabmom makin manis. Lama i tak nampak her. Si ANis pun manis betul. (Mesti sebut semua supaya inda mengaus).

My graceful model and the camera loves her!!!! Si Chacha.
Itu je cerita rangka kami today.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Rain Stays in Tandek

Came back from another site inspection in Tandek. It was scorching hot when we did the site inspection, but the moment we finished the unpleasant task, the sky opened and poured water from the sky. Picture above is the sky at 5;15 am taken from my balcony (mau lawan gambar laki si anies wakakakakaa). Woke up early for the outstation trip. I was greeted by a disturbing memo (not pleasant) on my desk before the journey. How does one respond to an issue that has malicious intent? Ignore or reply? So need divine guidance...
Anyway, pictures along the way to the site and the site itself.
A small surau. Me likey the donkey or kuda damit berposing di siring building.

Fruit season yipeee - rambutan, kangsat, belunu etc. Semua bikin batuk if makan dengan rangka.

Small stream meandering near the project site. (P/s Labpapa tiada we potong pokok this time or kacau this river ya).

Pics. above and below - paddy field. Paddy planting season in Tandek & Kota Belud.

Work in progress. Malas aku ini kerja si A (M & Sr kamu tau sapa ni si A wakakakakakaka) ! Everything hay wire. Main suka hati ja buat barang. Sakit dada akak.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Christmas in Sindumin

Went for site inspection in Sindumin yesterday. It's fruit season in this area. Bought rambutans and tarap (again). Pictures of these fruits tomorrow. Received Cath Kidston's Winter 2008 catalogue today. Yipeee. I so want these 2 bags for christmas......Bisai betul bawa ini bag waktu pakai black dress with black selipar Jepun. This red bold roses will certainly brighten an all black assemble. Aku mau ini bag......sob sob sob
Below are pictures taken around the site. Below is a close up picture of frog eggs in one of the ponds at the site. Geli kan.
The two mature bambangan trees that need to be felt down due to its close proximity to the proposed building. Sob sob sob....

Bamboo (entah kenapa aku ambil ni gambar bambu...) I tak berani pi jarak dekat mcm very bushy, takut ada "tambuakar".

Had the site meeting under this beautiful trees with wind blowing gently (pleasant) and the buzz of mosquitoes (not pleasant) all around us.

View of part of the site taken from under the tree above.