Monday, September 29, 2008

Sleep Like a Baby

Hello everyone. Before I started rambling, i want to wish all my friends a very Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.
' m so in need of a very very good quality rest. Not feeling excellent. Sign of ageing or overweight? Sob sob sob pls don't let it be both...uwaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! The ageing thing - not much i can do (beyond my human control....), but the overweight thing...should be able to control. Am starting to do serious exercise starting from fight this feeling of fatigue.

Want want to sleep like a baby..............................

Friday, September 26, 2008


Hai everyone, my dear bloggers and blogettes. 'M back from outstation. Didn't buy anything "more expensive than a cow" thing anymore. Buuuttttttt, spotted a quirky shoes(thus, the pic above..). Quite comfortable. And am basking at the quirkiness of the shoes as am typing these now.
Have a blessed day u'ol.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Plain Water never tasted so good!!!!

Helo helo u'ol. Apologize for the long delay in updating whimsical.....still learning to manage time far not doing so good. However, no matter how overwhelmed i feel, it never deter me from spotting fav goods......Spot this 2.2 litre enamel kettle from afar. My heart skip a beat, and in a flash, I so can imagine this on my stove....yUPPPPP u'ol...very very happy with this.
Yup yup yup plain water will never taste the same again in my home...hahahaahahahaahaha.
P/s will be going outstation and be back Friday. Will update when back from the outstation. In the mean time, keep well u'ol.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Groovy kind of spec....

Hai everyone. Just finished board meeting, presented 4 papers. And without fail, the aftermath of this meeting is migraine...
Am nursing migraine now. Will update more tomorrow.
Above is picture of an athlete from Paraguay (Olympic 2008). Likey the specs...groovy, tapi kinalung dia M & Sri boleh tahan o kan!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sit back and Relax.....

It saddened me with the happenings in our country. Daily, we are bombarded with war of words from various quarters. The country is in a very sad place. Disintegration of people in the country - war of words among the various political leaders, the Chinese, Malays, Sabahan,Sarawakians. What happen to the spirit of love, tolerance and accepting of each other regardless of race? The "race" card is being sabotage to the maximum. What is the real issue here?

As i was reading in the book of Numbers, one of the valuable lesson gained, is whenever there is a crisis, examine the root of the problem. The noise is usually the symptoms of the real issue. Try to go beyond the cloud of smoke, to the central issue. More often than not, the real issue is usually something else, more towards personal glorification and personal interest of some unscrupulous people. These group of people are expert in causing havoc, in a very very subtle way.

The "race" issue had always and will always be a favorite card for many evil people. These group are willing to stoop down to the lowest level to fulfill personal desires. To rule over all. They are willing to sacrifice the very thin thread of harmony that is holding the people in this country together. And so far, these people manage to spread the spirit of dissatisfaction the spirit of discontentment, the spirit of trying to be lord over all, in every corner of the country. The buds of these seeds are growing fast.

I hope, we as a "mature" (hehehehehehe) adult try not to be sucked in these negative frenzy. Let us not overreact. Let us all be calm, take out your pretty teacups, dainty china, order scrumptious cakes and old time favorite kueh from Anies and Poppet, be amazed at Baker Min's cake decorating creativity, feast your eyes with beautiful photos from FrenchlessinFrance blog, have a good laugh reading Hesitant Blogger and Sharon's children antics, drool on Shabbychic Mom Food Craving, be stirred by Fabmom's amazing vegetable patch, Labpapa interesting take on life in Japan, Fay's amazing and touching effort to move on after her beloved hubby's passing, Kuireena's new life in the UK, Jue's intelligent unit trust advises and witty musings by MyThinkPad.

Let us all sit back, switch off the tv (esp. when News time..hehehehhee), throw away newspapers, be calm, smile at Sofe's pic above and be grateful for what we are today.

Nescafe anyone.........

Wanted to offer tea, but nescafe is my fav drink in the whole wide world. Is it my imagination, but I do think nescafe tastes great in pretty pretty little cups. Do pick your choice of teacups and pour your own fav drink u'ol. We need Anies' Mr Bean cake to complement this......

Happy waiting in anticipation for tomorrow 16th September u'ol.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Message from My Aunt....

Hello everyone. I'm Nowell. Aunt ask me to apologize for the long delay in updating blog. Life had been hectic for her, that's what she think lah.. (i think she hasn't quite master the art of time management yet and to not procrastinate.......hehehheheehe). She is trying to finish her office works, teaching materials, checking students assignments, her half dead vegetables patch, whimsical fabric store, and some catching up on spiritual awakening.
She however will make up the updating next week (cross fingers..).
Bye everyone, and my aunt send her warmest warmest regards to all her blogger friends...

(P/s I don't like the stripe towel that they used to wrap me in, not masculine enough for a boy like me. Very coarse and old. My aunt forgot to bring the blue soft pashmina bah..)

Monday, September 8, 2008

16th September 2008..Armageddon?

Overwhelmed by many things today. To boost mood back, gonna post pictures that make me smile. Above is Miss J and Doug's prince and princesses. Doug is from Chikopee, USA (am not sure got the spelling right). He showed photos of his hometown and they are beautiful..very org putih town.
Couldn't help to NOT blog about the country's political turmoil. The country's ruling political party is being threatened by the 16th September target date by the opposition. Rumours had been circulating that the opposition will topple the current gov't on the 16th September 2008. A number of Member of Parliaments (MP) from the ruling party reportedly (as the rumours said so)will jump ship to the Opposition, thus enabling the other party to get a majority in the parliament.
As usual, MPs had been making headlines to publicy pledge their loyalty to the gov't and dismiss the "jump ship" notion. Oh yeaaaaaaa!!!!!! and these coming from Sabah's MPS, who ironically "pioneered" the "jump ship" modus operandi many many years ago!
So, will the 16th September 2008, be the Armageddon day for the country? Will it leave a a historical mark to the country? Keep watch u'ol.
Recent thing that make me so gonna hold to this come Armageddon or not....

Saturday, September 6, 2008

'm a kampong girl afterall.....

(10 days old Nowell - doing his Anne Geddes' posing)
(Notes: Kampong = village)
Other than the visit to Tamu, went to visit an uncle's idyllic farm life. A plot of land measuring about 2 acres. I wish I have the bird's eye view photo to show the layout of the farm. Uncle made some sort of an island, where fish ponds built to circle the land (water source from 2 natural water well). The land is surrounded by bamboo and fruit trees. The place is so serene. The sound of water gushing from the adjacent river, wind blowing gently, u can almost hear the leaves making such sweet sweet sound. I love love love this such a village girl at heart......

Need to pass some village houses and small stream to go to the farm.

Bamboo trees provide such aesthetic feature to the landscape.

Uncle's "security guards".

Aunty doing her part as "domestic engineer" whilst the man of the house does the farm work.

Part of the fish pond that circles the land. The water is usually clear, but it was quite muddy when we came due to previous night heavy rain. Heaven for kids for swimming.

The cow was not amaze at me taking his picture. He wanted to "tanduk" me but no no Mr Sapi, i'll turn u to a "ngau chap".

Friday, September 5, 2008

Sepagi di Tamu Keningau......

Last weekend went back to Keningau for a much needed rest. Good to be back home eating mom's cooking. Sister and cousin dragged me to the Sunday market, or traditionally known as a "Tamu". Glad I came. Took many pictures (the quality of the shots not as good as Linda's in Frenchless in France though). There is a small stream that divides the Tamu into 2 areas. Love to see the many local produces sold there. Do feast your eyes u'ol.

Live eel....the Lau Pan was so good in cooperating with me so as to get a better shot of the eel.

Sister and cousin never ending shopping spree.....

View of the Tamu taken from the other side. Check out the shady trees that function as a natural "umbrella" from the sun rays....

A very sporting fruit seller.

Rambutan and Rambai (another local fruit almsot similar to Lychee).

Young entrepreneur in the making (peserta PUM kot?)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

For Sri - Mati Hujung

Sri, bisai kan the koliander. quality kutin ni. di Jaya Jusco. Rogono dia RM59.90. besar juga. Besar hati ku mau membeli tapi, seperti biasa i dan M akan "mati hujung". Kepayahan suda bahu i mengangkat beg, terus inda i beli. Menyesal pula i tak beli!!!! Bisai kan!
Di bawah ni, gambar i disambut sebagai antara pembeli pertama di Pavilion!!!! hahahahahah bukan u ja sri mendapat welcome dari si Mr Parkson Grand! Malu malu kan masuk malar kena welcome mcm YB!

'm back

Hello everyone. Back from a long Independence Day Holiday and straight to outstation in KL afterwards. Good to be back.
Didn't do much shopping (quantity wise) in KL though. However, my frugality plan are all in hay wire now(terplanting sana sini). Just the normal stuff, bag, sunnies, magazines, Agatha Christie book and forced myself to buy one "intelligent" book. About Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Will try to review the book after reading it.

Will blog more on the trip later.