Monday, March 31, 2008

ABP 2007

Ada tengok ABP2007 last night? I think generally it was ok, soooooo much better than Anugerah Era. the hosts kak ogy and azura, memang ada kalnya agak over but overall they did make me laugh. Persembahna pun agak ok I rasa, except si atilia tu, apa ke bende nya.....patut pakai lipstick ada color sket (very lah d lina hangat with brown lipstick), padahal aku sugka sgt dgn atilia ni, i think she has great voice, maybe anuar zain's song too big for her kan.

But si bob AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! dan Anuar Zain, I'm so falling in love with him!!!!!!!!!! so sos sos sossoss ooooooooooooooooooooooo GOOD!!!! Si Siti for opening act, me likey, lawa dia menari (agak besar juga ya bhgn punggungnya) but with siti, dengan mukanya boleh cover kecacatan lain. Ning baizura for closing aku suka as well, mcm kylie minogue kan. But what the heck with the black labah-labah with mouth mask!!!!! Initially ok lah, but banyak kali si labah-labah hitam menerpa berlari ke pentas, nasib baik si ning tidak kena langgar!!!!

BUt yg PALINg entah hapa hapa, si Mayfirst lah!!!!!! bapa angkat si sofea!!!! BTW, Dynas looks sooooo good kan!!!!!! si pasha (aku menyampah), si faouziah ghous kesian langsung tak digambar dan appear di skrin.

Si kak Liza hanim, which by the way, lawa sgt dengan kurus dia kan (aku mau kurus macam liza hanim!!!!!!)_\ memang merdu lah suara but tolonglah,,,,.....kenapa banyak sgt mimik muka nya tu, sampai i terpaksa tutup mata to enjoy the song otherwise lalai aku menengok cebikan mukanya tu.

The otai rockers ok lah, i expect more from them, apa guna buang masa kasi himpun 5 org setakat 1 lagu ja. but si amy search and ramli sarip juga lah angkat. Aku kurang berkenan yg part akhir yg semua mengilai mengikut kekuatan suara masing-masing...aku tak paham.

Bahagian presenters, tolong lah, the best aku rasa geng Fauziah Latiff, sangat very the academy/oscar gitu kan, taka ada lawak2 bodoh or kata-kata merapu, terus ja announce ...."calon-calon bagi kategori.........". Itu baru lah Kelas!!!

Ok itu ja pendapat 2 sen i.....hehehehe

Cupcakes and a reluctant birthday girl....

Hello u ol, happy happy monday. How's everyone weekend? Whimsy's weekend spent in Keningau, we had to go via the old Tambunan-KK roda, which took 2 and 1/2 hours compared with the new Kimanis road (1 and 1/2 hrs). The new road is still being repaired since the part (remember in my previous posting, I showed a stretch which is still not sealed),is badly damaged due to the recent heavy rain and is unpassable. Nia's 11th (or 10?) birthday celebrated with Macademia White Choc Cake and cupcakes. Above is the reluctant birthday girl. She was down with terrible flu and literally had to be dragged to blow candle and pic session (lol!!)
Above are the bday cakes (which had been poked by my shopaholic nephew...)

My pride and joy....cupcakes. I didn't bake the cupcakes Min, i just do the 'downstream' proses lol!!! Bought the cakes readymade (4 for RM3.50) and decorate it with creamcheese,condensed milk and butter icing. Had fun coloring and decorating the cuppies. Whimsy was helped by 2 helpers, Fay the Mrs Claus and santa helper, the shopaholic boy.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Hello my Dears

Good morning my dears, whimsy woke up early, 5.18 am!!!!! This amazing Mount Kinablu view is taken from my balcony...wht a view kan. Tonic to the weary soul...

These pic have no connection with the mt kinabalu pic (lol!!!!) Those are old fashioned but timeless cookies, named as kueh tambun. I didn't bake those (obviously). What tickle my funny bone is the label on the box - "best taken when fresh" . hello hello, define fresh kan. it was manufactured in Penang, packed in KL, then delivered to Sabah, do the maths, how many days/weeks for the kueh tambun to reach a hungry mouth. Does it consider as still fresh....(sorry people, i ll cut short my nagging on this glorious morning).
Take care u'ol, I'm off to Ranau for outstation.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Blue and White...anyone?

Hi u ol, how are everyone doing? Today is undescribable....the only way to sum up today is ??????!!!!!!. Does it make u feel sad when supposedly matured and knowledged people who are entrusted and paid by taxpayers money purposely failed to discharged their duties? when people start using race and religious sentiment to pursue one's agenda!!!it does make one wanted to puke eh...I sometimes remembered ages ago when I was young (lol!!!!), just graduated with full of energy and zest to change the world to be a better place (!!!!!!), and u thought u can make a difference. But, what a sad sad realization it is to finally dawn upon you, that the very people (so called leaders), who are entrusted with these task, fails u. Do u'ol think money can buy people? Money can buy judgement? What is the value of one's self? I failed to answer these questions. I know one does not have the right to judge others (I m so guilty of judging), but still...maybe there is HOPE......uhuk uhuk sob sob

On to a merrier notes, i bought 3 blue and white "kudutan" (plates) frm shabby aryani, people they are ggorgeous!!!!!!they really are made from England, not china ooooooo. I wanted to buy the whole lot, but since I m on a budget so, forget it .......sob sob sob. I'll post the pic of d kudutan later k. Coincidently (?) last weekend I stumbled upon the blue n white apron, is it FATE? Am i destined to buy the 3 kudutan?hehehehehehe

Take care u'ol, thank you for reading my ramblings. I feel much better now.
P/s i v updated the 3 plates with apron as background.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'm hungry....

Dg sorry ye, I took your photo.... These are donuts eaten by dg from JCo...i want i want..donuts too. the apple (something) shop selling donuts in KK is owned by a sabahan, we support juga ya. They give many job opportunities to the locals (politican talking?heheheh)

Feast to the weary eyes....

Such a pretty pretty fabric kan.....

My dear frens, please check my other blog (click the link at the top left corner of this site, or , for many many new items for sale). Please just visit to feast your eyes on the beautiful prints.....

Will update this daily musings in a while k....take care u ol

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Vintage Pillowcases For Sale

(1) front and back view. Back view is of tiny rose buds. Made of 100% cotton. Size, big pillow (2 ft. x 2 ft), RM5.00

(2) My favorite, big pink roses (cabbage roses?), Soft cotton, 2.3 ft x 2 ft, RM4.50

(3) 100% cotton, off white base with roses, same size as no. 1, RM4.00

Monday, March 24, 2008


( 1 ) Blue and Pink Roses, I think this is part of a mama bear and baby bear collection, but i am yet to find the baby bear one yet. Adult size, 100% cotton, tie back with flap pocket in front (to put spoon???). RM11.00

( 2 ) Cream based with spring wild roses. Adult size with tie on at the back. With front flap pocket.RM10.00

(SOLD, tq bakingproject)

( 3 ) Red polka dot base with sprigs of blue roses tied with pink ribbon. Adult size, flap front pocket, tie back. RM11.00

Ralph Lauren?

What a JOY!!!!!!!!!! went fleamarket and look what i found!!! a very RED pillowcase. When i saw the label, my heart stopped for a few seconds, its RL home!!!! The RL stores in KL do not stock any RL home (or do they nowadays? i'm not sure, since it was ages ago that i visited the stores). This goes so well with my white pillowcases collection, it will add a splash of color to my white background (picuites of my imagination will follow suit..heheh)


My nephew owen who is becoming more high maintenance than the aunt....Check out the HUGE shopping bags which contain his toys ONLY. With 'nenen' at the right hand, and dompet as a neklace....This boy is dripping with shopaholic fabulousity! He is 4 (or 5?) and is able to sing Negaraku and his school anthem now.

Berringis Beach Resort

Hello u ol, I'm back from a long break. 4 days Easter & Maulidur Rasul holiday.Spent the hols with family at the Beringgis Beach Resort.We stayed at the 2 rooms chalet. it was ok. had a splashing time at the pool,and it rained cats and dogs in the eveving. I hope the photo can capture the falling rain.Pictures.....

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Last night had dinner at the new Thien Thien Restaurant (branch) in Putatan.I ordered the chicken rice (i was teringin after re-reading sri's chicken rice in karambunai) and beansprouts. I arrived at the shop around 5.30 pm and got the whole shop to myself...Rating is 2 star out of 10. the chicken was not as crispy as the one at the main branch in Jalan Pantai, the 'kicap' a bit salty, the rice is crumbly. I think in a chicken rice, what make the rice "uumph" is the rice o. For me it should be hot and a bit soft (lichak) and fragrant. Baru lah ada ummph!!!! Sri pls try the watan ho ah and give your review.
Happy eating u ol. Today Brothers and Sisters Channel 711, 10:00 pm. Me likey the drama.


I m so proud of my tomatoes. Planted this tomato about 3-4 months ago in a medium sized pot. It grew and grew and flowers but no fruit in sight. I had resign to the fact that this is a "barren tomato", and decided to chop it off next week, but lo and behold! last nite when i was watering my long beans, saw a tiny round thing hanging from the branches...yes people my "barren tomato" finally decides to bear fruits!!!!!!! there is another tiny baby tomato on the right branches (u have to click the pic to be able to see it). I m gushing with joy and happiness at this lovely sight.
A friend once told me that sometimes we have to "distress" plants when they refuse to bear fruit. I was complaining abt my tomato and ciku tree to him. 'Distressing" means to give the plants a distress environment (?), for example to tie the plant with ropes tightly (but this is quite cruel eh..) or to water them less. I opt for the latter but it was not done intentionally, i was meaning to let it die naturally...I guess his tips on "distressing" plants worked! Yeayyy!!!!
Any idea on what to do with the first fruit?

Monday, March 17, 2008

Yay Fleamarketing!!!!!!!

This is so dainty and pretty kan.
The addtional 2 new and washed white pillowcases with white thread embroidery and delicate rosebuds.

Yeayyyyyyyyy, it has been ages since i went for fleamarketing (to be exact-2 weeks, lol!). last sunday I found these 2 amazing cotton pillowcases. If u click the photo, u'll be able to see the embroidery pattern in the white pillowcase. I am building up my stash of white cotton and blue and white fabric nowadays. All shabby chic lovers (read:sri), watch this space, i m gonna sell off some of my pink roses collection. Still taking pictures and lebelling them. Will post them soon...

Turtle crossing!!!!!

Amazing thing happened sat evening!I was driving when suddenly I saw something roundish moving in the middle of the road. At first I thought it was a snake (yucks), when suddenly a small head emerge from the body.Yes people it was a turtle (or tortoise?)!!!!! We bloggers must always carry our camera everywhere! this event occured near Fabulousmom rumah agam ni.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday yay!!!!!!

Yours truly is currently very very into agatha christie books.

Bought in Signature, initially it was RM19.90 for 2 books. but tiba-tiba last 2 week s it was sold RM10.00 for 3 books!!!! but i was so scared the cashier salah jual, i bought 9 books only. Should have bought all 30 books!!!!!! sayang o sayang o. yesterday went to check again, but the price now is RM19.90 per book! I simply adore UK authors o, very witty and jokes are subtle but sangat menyucuk hati. These books are very light and comes handy for outstation (waiting for flight at the airport). The "staring" in agatha christie books are the famous Hercule Poirot and his sidekick Captain Hastings. Ada juga Agatha Christie series where the detective is Miss Jane Marple (remember the tv series ages ago - Murder She Wrote? if i'm not mistaken it was based on Agatha Christie's Miss Marple). To date i only have 27 agatha christies (HINT:A VERY GOOD BIRTHDAY GIFT TO YOURS TRULY kan..wink, wink )

happy friday u ol

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Another view from the Bundu Tuhan R & R viewing deck.....very soothing to the eyes kan.
Today whimsical received sms frm a friend. Wanted to forward to u ol but expensive o (RM0.10 per sms, remember, i have to be frugal now since the overbudget on specs!!!!). Anyway the sms is as follows:
"Need your advice and help. See what you can do for a friend who is looking for a job. Architect with about 30 years experience. Involved in many mega projects. Not fussy abt salary. Can do part time or per project basis. Also willing to work as draughtsman (tukan lukis pelan) if need be. Start immediately. Profile/resume. Age: 70+, Surname: vellu, Firstname: Samy"
p/s by the way, samy vellu is an architect by qualification.
Happy thursday u ol...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Sri jgn terkejut with the picture.very 'un english' kan. Its actually a barge to carry huge items that cannot be carried by small boats. its usually used to ferry building materials, lorries etc. This pic was taken in Semporna en route to Pulau Bum-bum. The barge is moving ever so slowly...slower than a snail. Amazing eh engineering feat ke??
Today i had a silly silly silly discussion with a very irritating person ( a certain wak). why o why so many acting and beating round the bush?why pretend to be holy but in actual fact a "ghost'(hehehe). I feel like putting him on the barge and ship him to open sea to be eaten by shark!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

8 March 2008, Saturday

Yay!!!! I voted although I was soaking wet. Downpour of rain amazing!!!! Voted in SFX Keningau. I just want to state the result here si I won't forget. BN won but lost 5 states to the opposition - Perak, Pulau Pinang, Selangor, Kelantan & Kedah. Amazingly BN swept sabah and Sarawak fully....

Pictures of keningau posters and the 2 future voters of keningau, playing under the rain.


These are campaign posters in areas around Putatan (where my Lamin is)....very fun eiii, macam time sukan sekolah pula. It evokes a feeling of merriment.
I try not to comment on the result, as many people had already made their comments. We just watch and observe and see wht's coming.
(double click the 2nd pic and check out the giant posters....hmmmmmm)