Friday, March 28, 2008

Hello my Dears

Good morning my dears, whimsy woke up early, 5.18 am!!!!! This amazing Mount Kinablu view is taken from my balcony...wht a view kan. Tonic to the weary soul...

These pic have no connection with the mt kinabalu pic (lol!!!!) Those are old fashioned but timeless cookies, named as kueh tambun. I didn't bake those (obviously). What tickle my funny bone is the label on the box - "best taken when fresh" . hello hello, define fresh kan. it was manufactured in Penang, packed in KL, then delivered to Sabah, do the maths, how many days/weeks for the kueh tambun to reach a hungry mouth. Does it consider as still fresh....(sorry people, i ll cut short my nagging on this glorious morning).
Take care u'ol, I'm off to Ranau for outstation.

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min said...

Morning Val.. hv a good time in Ranau. Take care.