Friday, March 7, 2008

Pure Gluttony..!!!!!

Yours truly suppose to order Contact lense (only!), but when arrived at the kedai.....telah "kesarungan". Won't be able to control the urge to shop shop shop.....shophaholic. ready to pening once tengok budget choice but to cut on other expenses (food maybe.....gud luck to me).


<---That Girl said...

i was clicking the "next" blog" button and stumbled in. Great find with that ring! Good for you! You can get contacts any time but the ring wont always be there.

whimsical said...

hi tq 4ur comments...hehehh.feeling much better now after reading ur post

wanaryani said...

wow...sunglasses again...lovely!

min said... sakan lagi kau. Tangkap satu gambar dgn sunglasses tu bah.