Thursday, August 28, 2008


Malaysia will be celebrating its 51 independence day this year. Gained independence from the British on the 31 August 1957. Annual independence parade is held in front of office. Today is a full dress rehearsal, traffic was so so bad. Main road closed for this. Managed to snap some not so picturesque pictures from office roof top. The red and white stripe flag is Malaysia flag, whereas the other one (with the mountain) is the state of Sabah's flag. Happy Merdeka u'ol!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Love at First Sight

Fall in love at first sight with this baby gown. Saw it from a bus on the way home many many years ago in 1995. It was displayed in a glass window at a thrift shop in Walton Village Liverpool. During those years, I haven't got the "flea market" bug yet.....The baby gown was only 2 pounds I think. Its made from the softest material. Soft lace (Belgium lace maybe eh?). It is so delicate and soft to the touch. The length is about 4 feet (from top to bottom).

No baby girl is going to wear this now(sob sob sob), since all my sisters already "tutup kilang" (past the child bearing stage). At the rate am going now pun don't think am gonna be "berdangan" kan sri & M, And I don't think I'm gonna adopt any baby girl(or any baby for that matter regardless of the gender- am too selfish) hahahahahahahahahaha. I m thinking of framing this dress in an acid free frame, and turn it into an "art thing" (something like what was displayed in the Tate Gallery in Albert Dock). Wakakakakakakakakakak!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fay's Household Tag

Tag by Fay - Household chores that I don't really fancy (ubah sikit the nama ah Che');
1. Dishwashing. Must have Vaseline hand lotion nearby, to ensure hands are smooth and NOT dry.

2. Bunuh Semut dan Lipas. Yup a menace to a household. Must have Ridsect nearby and my mom gave me this chalk (which supposedly be a low poisoinuos cockroach repellant). A friend suggested that kayu manis can also deter ants and cockroaches....sila la try ye.
3. Buang Sampah. To neatly tie bin bag nicely to prevent any unwanted and smelly water dripping or yucky smell. To go down 3 floors to the bin centre. Good exercise konon.

4. Dusting. On books, TV, Astro decorder, Cake Plates, ALL surface...sigh...

5. Bunuh Cicak. Their "bulu less" body and ekor pandai putus! To ensure that they died instantly (to prevent any keseksesaan), and to be creative in "sapu ing" its lifeless body without touching it and securely wrapped it in 5 plastic bags to prevent the ekor yg masih bergoyang-goyang frm terlepas!
Itu saja household chores that I don't like. 2 out of 5 involve pembunuhan.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Cath Kidston...I wish

Today is mugs' day. It had been ages since my last mug purchase (to justify my mug spending spree eh). So very smitten with Cath Kidston's mugs. How I (and shabbychic mom wish too) to have a Cath Kidston's shop here...sigh....As of now, we can only drool at the Cath Kidston's catalogue.
However, today Mr. Parkson (a departmental store) truly made my day. Among the many cawan cawan cina, 2 mugs caught my eyes. I thought they are Cath Kidston's, but nope Sri, they are the regular "Made in China" mugs. But, the prints are so very CK u'ol!
I am such a happy gal with my NOT CK mugs today! Nescafe tasted so good in these mugs.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bundle of Joy

Announcing the much anticipated arrival of latest nephew, shopaholic owen's lilttle brother Nowell. Such a tiny tiny baby. We were and still is smitten with this little bundle of joy. The brother's mood swings is going erratic, between proud of being a big brother and a pang of jealousy of all the attention to his lil' bro....wakakakakakakak!

Wanted to create an "artsy" photo shoot, wakakakakaakakakak! Am still amazed at how tiny his hands and fingers are compared to mine.

The still shopaholic big brother, grinning from ear to ear.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Adorable latest member to the family. Eldest bro's son 2 months old Calvin. he is so gonna be spoilt by his many many aunts wakakakakakakakakakakaakakaaka.....

Had been searching high and low for this classic hot water thermos. Wanted to find something like Cath Kidston's one (shabby chic version of pale green with pink roses). However, ini ja yg ada di Hiap Lee. I wonder if I can spray paint it white...hmmmmmmmmm (wht do u think shabbychic mom? Nyaman ni minum nescafe o kaw kaw kena tuyung frm this termos cina kan).
Take care u'ol.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Silence of the Hand..

Hai everyone. (Special greetings to e-ding!). Apologize for the long update. Won't be able to post daily update for the next 2 weeks due to whimsical RIGHT hand being injured (injured tendon). Physiotherapist advised to "encase" right hand Ala Silence of the Lamb to minimize movement of the hand. It is a challenge to do things using the left hand only.
Take care u'ol.

Friday, August 15, 2008


Shouldn't have praised the "magic liquid" yesterday. Jinx alrdy. Tidak mengasih. Back to square one with the flu. Yesterday, had quite a frustrating time lecturing. What is happening to our education system? Most of my students are not serious in learning. We are going to a heavier chapter, yet they still do not know where to find reference books. Came to class with tiny cute princess notebook (not that i have anything against princess/barbie buku kan sri), lenggang lenggang kangkung and 1 pen. When i started talking about simple demand and supply principle, u can see blank and blurred faces. When asked about whether they did any reading (as told by yours truly last week), dengan bangga they said di kedai mana mau beli buku? Chissss! enough of spoon feeding culture to these spoilt brats. It is not that they don't have money to buy books, they do! They possess the latest hand phone with branded bags and t-shirts!
Sebagai hukuman, gave them more than usual amount of assignments and by next week I want to see every single student must show me their book.
Apa kah kaitan post ini dengan kedua-dua pictures above? I am as blurred as you are people. Wakkakakaakakakaak! No direct relationship with this post. Its just for eye candy..hehehhehe. The beddings below is my fantasy bed tho. Blue and white color scheme. Hmmmmmm sri, maybe we should hang our blue and white plates on top of this bed to complete the pic eh...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Esen Ikan Keli or Badus?

Feeling much better today. Drank tonnes of green tea and plain water since yesterday. And took fish essence (which was bought few months back). Gossshhh the taste!!!! There is simply no word to describe the very funny and unpleasant taste. I don't think it is an acquired taste u'ol. I know this essence is usually taken by those who had undergone operation, but I guess boleh juga la, utk flu. Coz I do feel better after taking this "magic liquid".
Word of Caution - do ensure a very sweet drink/orange juice is close nearby, drink this liquid in one big gulp (don't even pause to inhale any oxygen!), then IMMEDIATELY gulp the sweet sweet juice to drown the yucky taste.
Have an amazing day u'ol.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I think I'm coming down with flu....watery eyes, drowsy, sleepy. Too much eating rambutan, durian and being under the sun (another good justification to buy sunglasses kan). Today, is scenery pictures day (except first pic-such a cosy and warm bed kan).
View taken from balcony.

Semporna sea, pic taken in boat en-route to Pulau Bum-bum.
Picture taken from the rooftop of our office. Awesome view...
Have a fun day u'ol.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Me, Myself & I

Tagged by Shabbychic Mom and Sharon; to list 7 facts about oneself. Hehehehe perfect for self vanity. This tag is so appropriate with Bette Midler's famous sentence : Darling, enough talking about ME, instead lets talk about YOU. What do YOU think about ME?




(3) FAMILY - BAK KATA PEPATAH AIR DICINCANG TAKKAN PUTUS (ngam ke this pepatah to depict family strong bond?)

(4) OWEN - mer"boy" or a shopaholic boy? & 3 nieces

(5) AIRASIA - (soory Sharon - I know u detest Airasia now hehehhe). Bukan terlampau "adore" lah- berguna time perlu juga. Coz airasia berjaya kasi "nejara" MAS till MAs had no choice but to do low-fare options as well!!!! Salute to airasia kerana berjaya kasi gegar dia!




(P/s this last pic- bonus picture. Tak ada significance to the tag wakakakakaakak!)

It's Blooming Roses Day

It's blooming roses day in my whimsical world u'ol! My whimsicalfabric blog had been quite neglected lately. Still doing photo taking and inventory of all available fabrics to be posted in the blog. Here is a glimpse of what is to come in the fabric blog u'ol.

Have a blooming day u'ol.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Ohhh so pretty....

Yesterday, while waiting for my class, I stumbled upon a small grocery store in the vicinity of the University. The shop is small and sells all kinds of goods (groceries, umbrellas, face towels, baby things-diapers, formula etc, dry food items, wet items-onions, spices and many many more), and lo and behold, amongst the dusty and haphazard jumble of things, I spotted a pretty "thing" that really made me stop in my track. I had only 5 minutes before lecture started, and I managed to do superb "time management" in flash shopping. With the help of the Lau Pan Yang (lady boss), we manage to pull the "thing" from the piles of things, and it turned out to be oil cloth table cover. The roses print with doilies pattern are so pretty- very Cath Kidston. It was RM4 per metre. In 5 minutes - goods and cash were exchanged, transaction closed, and I went to my first lecture session a very happy girl indeed!!!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I want to be a Juggler...

Hai u'ol. I didn't bake the cookies above (I wish I can claim to be the "baker" tho'). It was baked by another niece, Ernie. Decor was done by yours truly, Fay and Owen. They were yummy coz we used pure cream cheese as the frosting. We were carried away with color experimenting tho'.
On to other topic - "Time management" is a very appropriate term for Whimsical today. Previously I just couldn't comprehend the term "I am so busy, I don't have enough time to bla bla bla bla". How can one be so busy till there is simply not enough time? Hmmmm...I thought it was an over rated expression. But yes people, I think I am facing with such situation. Although, I wouldn't want to use the phrase "I'm so busy I don't have time to do blogging, etc etc."..hehehehhe. I believe what I need is a good time management kan (heheheheh wish me luck u'ol).
Work wise, we are trying to beat time (before the financial year period ends) to implement 3 more projects (by 30 September 2008). And I had been offered to do part time lecturing to the undergraduates in a local uni, for 3 subjects. I'm not complaining though. That means, 3 days lecturing per week. And I had scheduled the classes to be at 7-9 pm, so as not to interrupt my current job.
That means no more "lengang kangkung" after day work, need to rush straight to my students. Need to juggle outstation, site meetings, preparing for lecture notes, students' assignments, my ever growing balcony garden patch, my Whimsical Fabric store (I'm pleasantly surprised that I started to get more inquiries and interested buyers from non-regular customers. The regulars are: Dayang,Shabbychic,Val Aziz,Uji heheheheh such a small small market kan hahahahahah) and BLOGGING (yeaaaa!!).
I know I need to make a lot of adjustments to fit all activities. Quite many sacrifices to be made (Eg: no more McLeods Daughters every 6 pm, sob sob sob.). No more procrastination in current job tasks, less coffeebreak time,less weekend Fleamarketing time.
One thing I am sure though, I will not neglect my blog hehehehhehe....Yeaaahhhh!!! Long live Blog world!!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Shadow in the Dark

Power failure at home yesterday, for a few hours. Good time to practice "amateur photography skill". Feast to the weary eyes........

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Rapunzel's Tomatoes

Hai u'ol. Meeting didn't end well. Ego took centre stage (not Whimsical's ego tho'). Luckily we do have other people with clear conscience - in the end good certainly will triumph over bad intention. Hoorah!!!! What is important now, is to finish the projects the best to our ability.
On to a lighter note, above is another of my pride and joy. This particular tomato plant is somehow neglected. I almost forgot its existance, due to its location. I put it in the balcony window sill, yet it still thrives. Big Hoorah for this sturdy tomato. I'll named it Rapunzel's tomato since it is located on a 3rd floor "tower", overlooking the lawn below.....

Monday, August 4, 2008


Tomorrow is another Board of Directors' Meeting. What i dread is facing people who will ask questions just for the sake of asking. No matter what or how we answer it, he surely will find other question to further complicate matters. I really do not need these kind of questionings at this stage of my life (cewah!). U would have thought that u had exhausted all resources, yet there will be some personality who can never be satisfied. Sometimes, one wonder whether all this headache is worth it.
I really really need extra strength, courage and patience for tomorrow's meeting. Wish me luck and still to be alive tomorrow after the meeting.

Part time Nanny

Hello everyone, how is everyone's weekend. I wish to thank you for all your birthday greetings. I really appreciate them. Tq very much. Yesterday, 3rd August 2008, I reached the age of 36...hmm.
Today, I become a part time nanny (for a few hours) to my shopaholic nephew Owen. Brought him shopping for toys and lunch at KFC. He is becoming a big boy now, how time flies eh. 2 of my fav pics, of Owen enjoying his fired chicken.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Girls Day out...

Last month, our sports club organised a "flea market day" to increase our "richness'. And Yipeeeyyyyy!!! We only have few more "fleamarket" days to achieve our fund target. Last momth's income was beyond the members' expectation, so to reward ourselves (we are very very fond of rewarding ourselves - if u'ol notice LOL!), the committee with the consent of the President had organised a lunch at a certain "Ambuk Shop". The lunch was good. Value for money.
We also wish to express our appreciation to ShabbyChicMom for donating (for free!) her many chinas (teapots, ceramics, plates etc). Even though she had resign from this organisation, her heart is still with us (LOL!!! heheheh Tq ShabbychicMom).
The creamy (chickpeas, celery and carrot or pumpkin I think) was a hit. The beef stew and lamb was luscious and tender. The chicken - ok lah, the fettuccine and spaghetti was ok as well.
However, I was wrongly attired for the lunch. I shouldn't have worn all black! It was hot and my "space suit" is so so perfect to trap heat. Bummer!
Thank you girls for a good lunch...