Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Will be back...

Dear All,

Will be back very very soon. Still reeling from the much needed break and Christmas holidays. Few more days needed to tune self for work mood.

A blessed Christmas and welcome 2009!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fantasia Yg Hancur

Uwahahahahaahahahahahhahaaha sob sob sob i want the above hair. Bisai kan keriting keriting besar dan panjang..very the sexy.

'M bercadang mau simpan long hair tapi baru limpas telinga, sudah i feel mcm ada 3 biji kelapa atas kepala...so very very heavy dan time outstation time inspection site, di tengah tengah panas matahari, seriously i feel like every strand of my hair ada gulungan bata! Penyebab migraine..So in the end..bye bye fantasia....sudah ku chop hair menjadi seperti di bawah..wakakakakakak

On other note, will be taking christmas break next week. But masih ada lagi meeting meeting dan site site yang perlu di lawat minggu ni. Malas ku, bahapa makin mau dekat Krismas makin malar kena arrange meeting! Tomorrow will be going to Kunak, then next day at 6 am drive down to Lahad Datu for site meeting then rush to Kinabatangan for a 2.30 pm mtg. Lepas tu rush lagi ke Sandakan to catch the evening flight. Pengsan la bila sampai kk ni. Very very old and tired body.

La La La La

Semangat menghias masih roaring. Add additional feature to the picnic basket - lace di sekeliling dan decoupage kuntuman roses merah to its lids.
Kept on re-arranging christmas tres. Haven't found the "one" style tht I love so far. Previously decorated using the normal store bought christmas baubles. Then the most recent, tried to incorporate roses image to the tree decor as well. Instead of usual christmas baubles, used red roses pula, and to meramaikan susana pokok ku, add the many colorful earrings and pearl bracelets, quite whimsical I think...but marah ka si Santa ni ah?aku mengubah konsep......

My fav earrings - pixie pari-pari.

Monday, December 8, 2008


'M in the state of domesticity...must be the Christmas mood. Put up more Christmas lights and tree, hang Christmassy curtain, present wrappings etc etc. So bliss.........

Self present for Christmas - picnic basket. Original color - dark chocolate with no fabric. Sprayed paint white and tried to jahit kain sarung dalam. Used flea market checked fabric and after many trial and errors and 8 fingers being pricked by needles (usaha berdarah ni) manged to scrap through and finished the picnic basket. It took 3 hours intensive labors and plaster tangan untuk this mammoth task. Seriously menyesal aku tidak ambil kelas Sains Rumahtangga time sekolah menengah dulu. Should have taken the domestic science so as will have basic training on stitching and needlework! Anih pi ambil kelas perdagaangan, apa guna kan!cisssssss...

Stages of making the fabric...
Tadadadadadadadadaddaadada..the finished product!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Decoupage Overdose

Last lah sudah projek-projek spraying I. Had reached the pinnacle of "decoupage kesarungan". Last nite was suppose to hang christmassy curtains and more fairy color lights..but did spraying instead. Above is the beg anak ayam yg color brown previously. Ini memang time consuming. Need to cut all the roses individually and gently paste on to rattan. Dekat 20 biji mawar digunting. Mcm menyesal aku, 3 hours for this and 'm not really in love with the end result. Will decide in 2 days whether to reinstate to original color.
My blood red spray paint masih ada isi, so si talam lah next. This enamel tray is quite large (about 2 feet lebar).

Stages of incorporating the dots.

Pic below is my cita-cita. Cantek kan the baldi kena decoupage using big bold roses. Need to find similar flowers here.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's almost Christmas!

Joy to the world! The Lord has come!Let earth rejoices la la la la la la la (baca dengan irama menyanyi Christmas carol ya, but i don't know the rest of the senikata...).
Last night mengusai home in preparation for Christmas tea party. Shabbymom sudah warn that I must have Christmas tree for the tea party. I so couldn't wait for the tea party. 'M so in the mood to put up Christmas decor. This will be the first time ever that this humble apartment will have a Christmas decor and Christmas tea party! "m not finished with the full decor yet...just a glimpse of some of the corners.....

Seruan Fabmom

Fabmom came up with a brilliant suggestion to do polka dot kutin. Cabaran disambut dengan semangat waja. Raw materials - kutin biskut, spray blood red, spray white and sticker bulat bikin acuan (above). I do not mean to minta puji, but i really do love the hasil. It was a tedious process though. It is much easier to do decoupage using tissue o. Anih very tedious and delicate. The most difficult part is to peel the round sticker afterwards. The paint must be 100% dry, or else jadi "narangut".
I finally have a cousin si Cath Kidston polka dot biskut kutin.

Adik-beradik kan beg dengan kutin..wakakakaakakakakakak.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Living Life Through A Polka Dot Bag

Was listening to a CD on Faith this morning. A good reminder to count daily blessings. Work wise had been quite uphill recently. Am struggling to keep a cool head and boost morale among my precious 5 rocks (ini good rocks ah, wakakakak) in the department. How does one protect each other from being made a scapegoat, and to ensure that no matter what kind of abuse being hurled to us, we can keep a cool head and not retaliate. To have no vengeance in us. Certainly not with human strength...am so surrendering everything to my Lord. (Sri....terdengar hidayah kali ni selepas makan ur spaghetti olio wakakakakak). I pray so that all 5 of us will come out from this storm victorious, to grow better in character and integrity.

To DG, it is so good that u're finally a mommy. U have been an extremely good rock. Now is the time for u to rest and enjoy ur baby.

Oooops i nearly forgot to relate the title of this post to the pic. 'm happy ye ye ye with the polka dot bag. One can actually identified this bag from a distance...There is no need to squint one's eyes to spot bag anymore.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


'M still in the mood for decor. Put good use of the Cath Kidston's serviette. Got a kutin baldi from Kaison, and sprayed paint white, then decoupage with delicate CK roses. Besar juga this kutin, boleh masuk anak bongsu si Anies.

This kutin will be used to put umbrella or any tongkat-tongkat..hmmmm.

As usual, the pictures are not in sequence. First pic is the finished product, whilst the pics below are the original baldi and after being sprayed paint.

Close up pic of the print.

Monday, December 1, 2008

This is suppose to be the Part 1 of the trip, but 'm so very not IT savvy, jadi terbalik-terbailk pula. Went to KKIA 3 hours early (iski..), and am so in love with the new KKIA. Cool interior with gleaaming floor. Waited 2 hours for flight at the cafe enjoying the tiramsu (good) and over priced green tea (ok ok ja rasa dia). The traffic was minimal, masih tak ramai org. And the Starbuck played very soft christmas music. I really had a very very good 2 hours rest just sitting there and reading my Agatha Christie.

The pic above is for shabbychicmom - the new French roses collection at lovely lace. Bisai ka?

Had this yong tau fu soup 3 days in a row. Tidak lah sedap sangat, tapi mcm bikin hilang haus. The coffee sangat TIDAK sedap.

Metrojaya Laura Ashley home range and clothes colections. Betul-betul gula-gula mata o Laura Ashley ni. I love the white candle holder, tapi rogono dia almost RM200. Inda lah bah kan....unless di KK everyday tiada karan...baru ngam.

Above pic, bikin i terbang semangat, priced at over RM300 per piece. Well...I guess the brand yg bikin mahal.

Love love love collecting pictures of christmas tree...Here are some of them..will do a specific post on christmas tree later. The good and fiunny ones.

Di atas punya decor, agak samak kan.


Went to The Garden at Midvalley. SHopping malls started to do christmas decorations. Love love love the decor with soft christmas carols as background music. For a while 'm transported to a faraway English malls with snow falling softly outside and sounds of sleighbells.....tapi sekali terdengar salesgirl berkunyanyang dengan kuat cakap cina, terus hilang the imagination. Haiyaaaaaa!!!!

Wanted to get the Marks & Spencer biscuit (pic above) but the price sanngat tidak berbolai (hj bilang), rogono dia RM189.00 (i think the kutin yg mahal kali kan).

Likey the lighting effect .... Yg ni, aku takut, sikit terbang semangat ku. Seriously scary, a life size doll and i'm sure mcm the doll melirik matanya ke mana ja i jalan!

Sangkar (?) apa kaitan dengan tema Krismas kan...Maybe budak-budak yg tak baik akan dikurung dlm sangkar and the good ones di bawah pokok?


'M back. Mtg was good. Pembelian barang-barang tak banyak (tidak berkodi-kodi). Managed to get hold of Cath Kidston's serviette for new decoupage projects.

Impian tercapai with this colander and the crisps (maruku ikan) is to die for. Seriously sedap. Should have bought 10 bungkus!

Pembelian botol (don't know why 'm into bottles nowadays) with loads of Marks & Spencer choc shortbread. Nyaman gila biskut org putih ni!

Christmas presents (not for me though). Lawa kan the selipar Jepun roses.

'M very very happy with my new Agatha Christies new books.

Yg ni pembelian due to curiosity. Very damit ni mcm sebesar mangkuk sup paling kecil ja. Is this the one kalau di movie org putih, the finale where kena off lampu dan bini-bini org putih bawa keluar dari dapur sambil angkat ini pudding dan dibakar (yg boleh ada api), dan all will clap. Nanti aku try bakar and see whether boleh re-create scene mcm di tv.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Roses are red, violets are blue.....

Gambar atas for gula-gula mata. Will be off for outstation the whole of this week. Will be back and update more next week. Will feature more lapik meja, cadar, bedspread in whimsicalfabric next week. AKu mau pikir dulu mau kasi nama apa the collection (ini kalah Carl Lagerfield ni) wakakakakakkakakakaakakak....
Take care u'ol.