Friday, December 5, 2008

Decoupage Overdose

Last lah sudah projek-projek spraying I. Had reached the pinnacle of "decoupage kesarungan". Last nite was suppose to hang christmassy curtains and more fairy color lights..but did spraying instead. Above is the beg anak ayam yg color brown previously. Ini memang time consuming. Need to cut all the roses individually and gently paste on to rattan. Dekat 20 biji mawar digunting. Mcm menyesal aku, 3 hours for this and 'm not really in love with the end result. Will decide in 2 days whether to reinstate to original color.
My blood red spray paint masih ada isi, so si talam lah next. This enamel tray is quite large (about 2 feet lebar).

Stages of incorporating the dots.

Pic below is my cita-cita. Cantek kan the baldi kena decoupage using big bold roses. Need to find similar flowers here.


Shabbymom said...

waduiii bulih tahan c "Indra" ani!!!....lawa bah tu beg ayam tu!!!...inda jua bida banar!!!...tu talam bah...punya cantik kan....nanti aku pun mau spray my talam kutin lahhhh....

Anies Azeera said...

Phew ...I am really, really out of words. for now, I can only say this ... Chantique gilak!