Monday, June 30, 2008

Mahal dari Sapi

Gossshhhhhhh Louis Vuitton catalogue came by mail today.OMG these two bags............
And out of curiosity I did call the LV store in KL to make inquiries ( I have to pretend I'm calling from some Datuk office tho' - wink wink kan sri & m!. I think the super rich sure tidak buat inquiries on the harga kan - they just tunjuk dan bungkus ja tarus!harga belakang kira!)).

First pic is known as the Tahitienne. The LV store in KL only has 2 sizes, small and large (i didn't ask how small or large tho'). Price is: small - RM3,900.00, Large - RM4,450.00. Terlampau bisai kan the pink one. I saw somebody with this pink Tahitienne in Pavillion the other day(u ingat che?), and people it is gorgeous...very pastel pink cotton canvas, and the tulisan punya benang is of the softest grayish/blue threads.....sigh...........

This is known as Galliera bag. Only 2 sizes, small - RM4,550.00 and large - RM5,250.00. Big sigh........

The prices are only valid for today, coz as of tomorrow all LV goods are expected to increase in price in the region of 5%-15%. So u rich people out there, go and buy them now. And do give me the paper bag only...uhuk uhuk uhuk uhuk...sob sob sob sob

Ini barulah betul-betul mahal dari sapi kan!

I am so drooling now......i can only dream of these bags juga lahhhhhh..

Sun Shiny Day..........

Heheheheheh yes people, my plants AGAIN...I just couldn't get enough of them. However, these pictures were taken during day time....when the sun shines gloriously, and blue sky provided the perfect background canvas.......

Whimsical moments............

(I wanted to put this pic of Fabmom's youngest model after Sofea's pic, but it came out to be on top. Future ladies' heart breaker - Helmy)
Yeeeep people, its foodie time again at Fabmom's. It was the 5th tea party for the last 2 months (wakakakakak an average of 0.6 tea party per week!). Anyway, it was good. Lots of silly moments and laughter. It was drizzling and provided nice settings for a cool tea party. The kids were not very happy though coz the rain prevented them from running free at the yards. Hannah Batrisya brought her pink Barbie scooter, but ended up sulking coz she has to stay indoor.

Yours truly brought Picnic "tekiding" (tekiding is basket in Dusun language). The colorful jelly was for show only (it was a bit hard - still in the process to master the art of making wobbly jelly). Hannah Sofea ate 1/3 of them, I'm very sure it was coz of the color and not the taste.......

The food spread. Roast chicken sandwich. Top two tiers, was wrapped using the "roti pratha" coz whimsy was out of bread.

Whimsy's empty food picnic "tekiding" at the end of session.

This is not an abuse pose, wakakakakakak! Sofea monkeying around with her mom and it made her giggle and kept on asking for repeat. Haahahahaah good exercise for the mom.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday's musings..........

Hello everyone. Last night, went to supershabbymom, to do food testing for food to be brought to fabmom's tea party. Gosh oh gosh, the resoles were amazing. Delicious. She added cheese in the fillings that created a runny yummy. Yes! couldn't wait for the tea party!
We were amused by her 2 supermodels of Putatan! Hannah Batrisyia and Hananah Sofea (lovely names kan). They did runway show for us and it was so cutesy and hilarious....My favorite pic from the "Putatan runway show" natural. Don't u feel like smiling looking at the pic? It is so good to be kids ...........oblivious to life's turmoil....(hehehe sorry, i got carried away).
My pride and joy again! Sorry people, I just couldn't get enough of my long beans and cucumbers. Whimsical blog is overdosed by pictures of my plants...wakakakakakakakak!

Take care u'ol.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Marry me.....................................Not!

I came across this article in the New Sunday Times June 22, 2008. OMG! is the end nigh? But, on the other spectrum, I guess the extreme tecchies would shout Yeayyyy!
Basically, the article was about "romantic human relationships are no longer the stuff of science fiction"! They are to become a reality soon. Invention of robots to replace human with emotions, feelings, personality etc and ability to have sex!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!
What tickle my funny bone is inventors are putting electronic speech and sensors that can utter "pleasant sexual sounds" when a human caresses their "erogenous zones" (gatal punya robotkan)!!!! OMG! I'm laughing now. Very very "charlie" (Brunei phrase for funny) kan!!!!
However, on to a serious note - it made me sort of thinking. These inventions are symptoms/clues to the future. Are we facing a lack of personal human relationship situation? Aren't they many actual human whom we can have relationships with? Quite scary isn't it? Are we going towards individualism, selfishness and lack of human compassion? Are we so fed up with human's hypocrisy, evilness, hopelessness,etc that we are willing to "marry" a machine instead?

Well.....I want a robot that can do house works for me....

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The "Janet" Loaf (Not Tun M Loaf)

Hello hello everyone. Last night was very eventful coz Janet the pharmacist baked me oat bread and choc cookies. Seriously people, the oat bread was and still is amazing! I couldn't wait to savour it right in the middle of the coffee shop. I was fully prepared by bringing cheese spread from home, and I kindly asked for condensed milk (susu cap junjung) from the coffee shop.

OMG OMG the combination of the salty cheese spread and creamy condensed milk on the bread is .......almost heaven....I never tasted Janet's bread before, that was such a pleasant surprise! The texture was really like "org putih" bread. Almost similar to the bread sold in an Italian deli in Kingfisher (S'wich Sri - yg now suda tiada!)

I think I finished almost half loaf within 1 hour lah....

Second surprise was the soft choc chip likey me likey.....Lord what good have I done to deserve all these glorious food! Heheeheheheheheheh

So "nyaman" (delicious) dipped in hot nescafe!

My pride and joy- Yeayyyy!!!! my cucumbers plants are not barren after all!!!!!!They decided to produce baby cucumbers when I was away in KL. Yeayyyy!!!! Last count (last night), there were 4 cucumbers. Will update u'ol on these...

(p/s tapi lain jua bentuknya kan, mcm agak lucah sikit hehe).

Monday, June 23, 2008

KL Part 2

This was supposedto be foodie sections. 70% of the time and money was spent on food, I think..... but not many food pic...coz it was gobbled up within minutes. Most of the time, Nia went with me for "jalan-jalan"(mesti kasi bercerai the 3 stooges- if tidak sure bergaduh adik-beradik di tengah-tengah kota metropolitan). Nia was very good and patient waiting for her aunt Whimsy, trying so many clothes (for hours). By this time, Nia's legs were already almost "bengkak", from too much walking (she did not inherit her aunt's shopaholic gene). To reward her for her patience, we splurge on food........Chocolate dipped marshmallow and straberry, wet but crunchy popia, custard cream puff, DIY ABC, colorful sweets, chocolates etc etc etc..........

Whimsy's chain connection with food...hahahahahaha

Monorail ride...

Hawaiian pizza from piccolo mondo....Grazie's pizza is 10x better....
Highlight of the day...we stumbled upon some Tamil artiste making video clip. Check out the red outfit! It was noon, and the dancers had to wear some sort of fur lining jacket. It was fun to watch, and boy! they really can "dance". OMG! Nia was seriously impressed by their outfit! (very ramlah ram kan sri.....wakakakak!)


Memang tidak banyak pembelian this trip. Di kepala ku, i kept on "chanting" frugality plan...frugality plan...frugality plan...sampai jadi migraine pulak! Anyway, di celah-celah kekuatan minda for "frugality plan" ada jua terselit pembelian lah............wakakakakakak... but I didn't buy yg over-over punya price lah (yes, clap clap 1 for Whimsy).
Above shoes by Guess Marciano, bisai kan fabmom..but he price was wayyyy out of my "frulaity plan"...RM996.00. So tapun, tapun, I tried them on ja and curi-curi ambil gambar...

Yang anih, jaket 'sot" dari Ralph Lauren. Inda la bah kan...... para lelaki mau pakai begini here. Inak and fay said, my mama pun pandai jahit guna cadar-cadar lama mama...wakakakakkak.

1/2 clap clap for me....pembelian T-shirt. Yes sri and M, memang bermotifkan binatang terbang!!wakakaakkakakaaka. Butterfly and Peacock. Love love the material...soooooooo soft and rasa mcm inda pakai baju....

Fay wanted to buy jeans, and i was supposed to accompany her and tukang marah if the penjual jahat ja..(u know how some sales person are in Sg. Wang - they tend to be rude and jahat kan... was ready to balas garang, if they garang..but they were quite nice hahahhaah). While waiting for Fay to try her 100th jeans (hahahahahahah Fay), a pink button caught my eyes. No clap for me here , I ended up buying jeans just coz of the pink button!

Lama suda i "pok-pok" this Mary Janes shoes by Ralph Lauren, everytime pi Kl, sure i will go and "cubuk" the shoes, and kadang-kadang pi try la juga, if the salesgirl mcm tak jahat. The price is RM3,303.00. Ini kasut kan, jenis yg boleh diturunkan dari generasi ke generasi bah (trying to justify kan sri and m!). Again, i went to try this, but coz of the "frugality plan" chanting already embedded in my head, I succeed not buying this (many many clap for this)...but seriously sob sob sob sob sob (menangis ruhung ruhung!), goodbye shoes......sob sob sob, sob sob sob.....
If I ever got married kan, I want this shoes as my "berian"(dowry) instead of sapi/babi/tajau!

Untuk merawat hati yang lara, I bought these instead. Boleh la kan.....never had skin color shoes. Goes with everything. It was for sale at MNG (bukan MGN ah sri and M). The price was quite ok. A minute fraction of price of the above Ralph Lauren shoes.

The rest of pembelian pic. I'll post later ah.

KL Part 1

Excited and roaring to go holidaying. This trip was more for the kids. It was a gift from their parents to them. It was a first time trip to KL for nieces (Nia-brown sweater with pink headband, Bebet-2nd frm right, and Adik-far right ). Inak (nia and bebet mom) and Fay-niece. Fay is the smallest among the nieces, but don't be surprised, coz she is the oldest among them, wakakakakakakak! Nia is in standard 4, Bebet-form 1 and adik form 2.
Arrived hotel around 1 am. The 3 stooges were still excited and refused to sleep. Still had the energy to eat at 2 am!

First time ever took photo in the middle of Bukit Bintang area, very "tourist-y" kan.

The 3 kids first experience en-route for the monorail ride. Still very excited....

First sign of tiredness by nia. Starting to "cat fight" already...right in the middle of Bintang Walk..wakakakakakak!
Good mood restored. I did the aunt-ly duty by being the photographer and directing where to take photos...

What excites Nia was the poster for "Foot Fish Spa" - little fish nibbling your "dirty kaki". It was quite okay, price wise - RM28 for 30 minutes. But, please don't eat any fish straight after the spa tho'.....

Going home...nia was not in the pic already.....she was at the height of "kepenatan" and no mood to do anything except sit and eat tonnes of sweets!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Off for a bit of R & R.......

Hello hello, Whimsy won't be posting for a few days...I ll be off for a few days for a much needed R & R (bukan projek R & R Bundu Tuhan ah Sri & M!).
I leave u'ol with 2 pictures of my fav things yesterday (habis pikiran kan sri).
First pic is a pair of children Mary Jane shoes, owned by a neighbour's daughter. Strange pic eh wakakakakakak, I like the color combination, bright fuchsia pink and black (altho' the black is a bit faded). I was in a hurry to snap the pic, for fear of being accused as a weirdo (why mengambil gambar selipar anak org!) by my neighbour.
Second pic is my pride and joy, my climbing cucumber and long beans. I hope there will be rain this next few days, so that they won't go dry. Whimsy won't be able to water them this next few days. And people they need 2x watering per day. Very "rangka" this plants....

Poppet & Janet - no skyline for me tis Saturday ya.

Take care u'ol.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Was browsing in a "cooking/baking equipment store' yesterday, when I stumbled upon these Disney princesses. Are these Belle (Beauty and the Beast-yellow dress), and Cinderella or sleeping beauty (blue dress)?

P/s There is almost no moral story/motif behind this post. Just a Wednesday ramblings. The figurine are about 2 inches tall and so so so cute to be popped on top of a cup cake kan. What caught my attention was the price, it was sold for RM2.50 for both, wheres 2 Snow White was selling for RM3.00. Why do Snow White costs more than these two princesses. Please help me to shed some light to this issue (wakaakaaka as if this is a life and death question).

Till later u'ol.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Grrrr..Not so Kind today

Remember my posting yesterday about kindness? Gossssh, just when i am about to be an angel (hahahahhaahaha!),sure got stumbling block one!!!

This person whom I want to be kind to, is really getting on my nerve today. He is the cause of the crisis in the office, and the whole platoon are mobilised to justify so many queries. The amount of paperwork involved are enormous!!!!! And yet......this person is so so sos oso so so irritating today!

Gossh, seriously, this is not easy! Note to self and to all - when we are entrusted with big responsibility to manage an organization - never treat the organisation as your own. Be nice to the employees since they will be the one doing the tonnes of paperwork/interviewing/justification etc etc etc.

Seriously i'm on the verge of vomiting on the mountain of files!

The pic above has no connection what so ever with this ppost. Its a picture of the ongoing road/airport widening. Check out the new lamp post and dramatic cloud formation hahahahah.

McLeod's Daughters

( 1 ) Hello u'ol. Today Whimsy is in the mood for favorite tv drama. Do u all know McLeod's daughters? This is certainly NOT a program for those youngsters out there LOL!!! (so not similar to Gossip Girl or SATC Mythinkpad hahahahah). A drama series from Australia, about a group of ladies (the McLeod clans) living life in an Australian farm.

( 2 ) Currently showing in Astro channel 702 every 7 pm ( a re run show). This drama is an acquired taste tho'. Initially when I first saw this, I didn't like it. A bunch of girls on horses, farm life, dusty etc. But, eventually I fall in love with this drama (cewah!). I particularly like Jodie (second pic). She is the life of this show for me. The drama queen in this show. She is so lovable and cute. Her character evolved over time. Initially she was just the cook/caretaker Meg's daughter. But on her 18th birthday, she found out that she is actually a McLeod's.

( 3 ) Anyway, the latest season in Malaysia (I think we are about 2 season behind from what they are showing in Australia), was not that good. Most of the original characters were not there anymore, and the bad thing is Jodie was not there anymore. Bummer! It was quite boring with the mostly new casts.
( 4 ) If anybody knows about this drama, please let me know whether Jodie will be back?
( 5 ) On to a lighter note - Why do i put the first pic of Stevie? Lucu kan the tulisan di bawah : Tolonglah - pewaris harta...funnykan to read translation, especially in the movie. Sometimes the translation are waaaaaayyyy out, and itu yang "charlie" tu!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Adik-beradik Kuyuk

Love love love this pic. Taken from Fabmom's blog. She took this pic in Gaya Street Sunday market.
Last week I was talking to an elderly lady, and she was explaining how this person is related to another, and she found it so difficult to explain the relationship (very complicated family tree). I was on the verge of migraine trying to understand what she was explaining. When suddenly she shouted, they are related through "saudara anjing"! (direct translation to English - dog relation).
I nearly choked on my kueh cakui at that. I found it so funny coz i never knew such term existed. Then later that day, when we had tea party at fabmom's, i mentioned that term, and she said yes Brunei's term is "adik beradik kuyuk" ! Yes people the term exists.
"Adik-beradik Kuyuk" or "Saudara Anjing" is a term used to describe siblings with the same mother but different father. Phewww, what a simple explanation kan hahahahahahahaha.
Still, the pic above is so appropriate for the term.


I like one of Mythinkpad post in her blog, to start our Monday with kindness. Kindness is something that i sometimes take for granted. And kindness is a topic that is so very reflective in Whimsy's trying situation now.

At the moment, there is something "big" happening in "a certain office", some sort of a crisis. I think one's personality can be revealed through difficult times. We can see various reactions to the crisis.

It made me angry to see people taking delight in other's misfortune. Who are we to judge other people. Do we have any right to be a judge of other's character. How holy and blameless are we to have the right to judge others?

Yes, there is no denial misfortunes sometimes are due to one's arrogance and fault, but let that be between a person and his God. I really really hope, that I will be granted the wisdom and kindness to handle and go through this situation.

To my other blog friends who are at lost to the background of this post, please forgive me and just take the positive aspect of this k. tq.


Hello u'ol. Last weekend was wrapped with a pleasant tea party session at Fabmom's. Supershabbymom's chacha and sofea provided entertainment with their antics. Whimsy's fav food for the tea party was the Egg Sandwich (no pic). Love love love eggs (Whimsy's fav food at the moment).
I was so taken by Fabmom's mini garden of tomatoes and chillies. I should have taken photos kan. Her "om" really has green fingers o.
It was a very nice gesture from Fabmom to provide goodie bag when we finally went home. The goodie bag was filled with her home grown red chilies. Whimsy made full use of it. Slicing them to add to soup, and frying them with egg and fried rice. The best recipe for the chillies, I think is to thinly slice them and fried them in olive oil. Then the chillies infused oil can be used to fry fried rice and other things. It provides a very aromatic smell to any food.

2nd pic is Whimsy's not so photogenic fried rice with fried red chillies egg.