Monday, June 30, 2008

Whimsical moments............

(I wanted to put this pic of Fabmom's youngest model after Sofea's pic, but it came out to be on top. Future ladies' heart breaker - Helmy)
Yeeeep people, its foodie time again at Fabmom's. It was the 5th tea party for the last 2 months (wakakakakak an average of 0.6 tea party per week!). Anyway, it was good. Lots of silly moments and laughter. It was drizzling and provided nice settings for a cool tea party. The kids were not very happy though coz the rain prevented them from running free at the yards. Hannah Batrisya brought her pink Barbie scooter, but ended up sulking coz she has to stay indoor.

Yours truly brought Picnic "tekiding" (tekiding is basket in Dusun language). The colorful jelly was for show only (it was a bit hard - still in the process to master the art of making wobbly jelly). Hannah Sofea ate 1/3 of them, I'm very sure it was coz of the color and not the taste.......

The food spread. Roast chicken sandwich. Top two tiers, was wrapped using the "roti pratha" coz whimsy was out of bread.

Whimsy's empty food picnic "tekiding" at the end of session.

This is not an abuse pose, wakakakakakak! Sofea monkeying around with her mom and it made her giggle and kept on asking for repeat. Haahahahaah good exercise for the mom.

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