Tuesday, June 17, 2008

McLeod's Daughters

( 1 ) Hello u'ol. Today Whimsy is in the mood for favorite tv drama. Do u all know McLeod's daughters? This is certainly NOT a program for those youngsters out there LOL!!! (so not similar to Gossip Girl or SATC Mythinkpad hahahahah). A drama series from Australia, about a group of ladies (the McLeod clans) living life in an Australian farm.

( 2 ) Currently showing in Astro channel 702 every 7 pm ( a re run show). This drama is an acquired taste tho'. Initially when I first saw this, I didn't like it. A bunch of girls on horses, farm life, dusty etc. But, eventually I fall in love with this drama (cewah!). I particularly like Jodie (second pic). She is the life of this show for me. The drama queen in this show. She is so lovable and cute. Her character evolved over time. Initially she was just the cook/caretaker Meg's daughter. But on her 18th birthday, she found out that she is actually a McLeod's.

( 3 ) Anyway, the latest season in Malaysia (I think we are about 2 season behind from what they are showing in Australia), was not that good. Most of the original characters were not there anymore, and the bad thing is Jodie was not there anymore. Bummer! It was quite boring with the mostly new casts.
( 4 ) If anybody knows about this drama, please let me know whether Jodie will be back?
( 5 ) On to a lighter note - Why do i put the first pic of Stevie? Lucu kan the tulisan di bawah : Tolonglah - pewaris harta...funnykan to read translation, especially in the movie. Sometimes the translation are waaaaaayyyy out, and itu yang "charlie" tu!


Shabbymom said...

adidih...ba mcleod's daughters tah ya sudah.......sorilah...didn't watch this drama.....ingau ku meliat kuda-kuda atu belusiran.....abuknya lagi....I stick to greys anatomy & desparate housewives...tq.

whimsical said...

hahahahahahahaha waakaakakakakakak kuda-kuda belusiran! impian ku mau mcm rambut si dang jodie atu bah!

Poppet said...

Season 8 baru kena premiere show di USA on 4th June. Anyway, so far mcm jodie tdk muncul lagi after season 6 tu.
I am not a follower of Mcleod's, kdg2 saja tertinguk..

uji said...

aik.. macam deep n serious sj this show. I'm only interested in shallow people talking about shallow things. hahahaha...