Monday, May 26, 2008

Drug Addiction

Seriously people, this is not in anyway an erotic posting. During the Pitas Harvest Festival, one of the most interesting booth was the Drug Prevention Agency's. Gosh people, it was an eye opener. Check out the type of tablets below, the colors are very attractive kan. Gosh, that is very very scary, imagine us who are ignorant, not knowing what a "drug tablet" looks like, and how "evil people" can easily pass the tablets as vitamins.
The catchy picture above is how a hardcore addict injected drug through his penis. Why? Because his hand and other parts of his body were already saturated with needle marks, and cannot be injected anymore. Gosh people, this drug thing,really is a very very very serious and scary "disease".

Kurang hajar punya pengedar dadah kan!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gardening Vs. Gluttony

Currently in love with masculine toy...pure gluttony....

My pride and joy. Long beans for the first time ever produce 4 beans at the same time!!! Usually it was only one bean on average heheheh. Yipeeee...long bean soup for dinner today.

PITAS Harvest Festival

Check out the "eye of malaysia" pitas version....
Hello u'ol. How is everyone weekend? As promised these are photos of the Pitas Harvest Festival held on the 24 May 2008 (Saturday). It was officiated by the chief minister and we participated by way of presenting our new project at the Dataran Bengkoka (where the festival was held). For info, Pitas is the poorest state in MALAYSIA!!!! I'm not sure what went wrong there. A combination of many factors maybe - unsuitable leader?inadequate infrastructure?No political will?Lack of vision and strategy?. It is quite disheartening to realize the fact that Pitas with its abundance of natural resources (Pitas is a seaside district), is the poorest in the country. The majority of population are Sabah local (Runggus, Dusun and other ethnic group), yet there seems to be no urgency to address this situation. The unemployment rate among the local youth is high and the culture of "lepak" is alarming.
I shudder to imagine what will happen in 5 - 10 years time should this situation are not corrected. Let us all pray that concrete action will be taken to address these issues in Pitas.
On to a lighter note, the crowd turnout was quite okay. What p***** me off was that the CM arrived via helicopter. I wish he took the road that all of us, mere mortals have to endure. The 3 hour journey was an adventure by itself. There were potholes almost every 5 -20 feet!!!! It was very dangerous especially for those first time travellers. Seriously people, if u do decide to drive to Pitas, please do a "sembahyang hajat" first, to ensure u are protected from the "death trap"!
Anyway, there was quite a festive mood during the event. It was held in Dataran Bengkoka by the seaside. But people, the weather was super super super super super super HOT, molten lava!!! Blue sky with no cloud at all, I think the temperature must be reaching 40 degree Celsius. I think every inch of fats in my body was crying and begging not to be tortured anymore heheheh.
Pictures that I manage to take under the molten lava heat...heheheh (over dramatic pula kan min).
The "Unduk Ngadau" beauties. Gosh, I felt like the "beauties" mother taking pictures of them, and seriously people, it is NOT a good idea for us who are over 30 to stand or be amongst these young beauties!!!!!hahahahahahhahaah

The CM who came by helicopter (!!!!!) being briefed of our project by the architect. Check out the architect (in black). He is so cool i think and he dresses and carry himself well. Standing beside him is our chairman. By the way, I think the CM is quite dashing for his age.
Traditional beads necklace, check out the white and pink beads...Super shabby (Dusun version) ke sri?

Honey comb, suppose to suck the comb and spit out the comb. Bought one but haven't tried it yet.
Yours truly at the far right with the team.
A girl with her traditional gear - i wanted to buy for Wan Hananh Barrisya the pink headgear, but it was not far sale!!!! I love the whimsical and pink ribbon/headgear hahahahhaha.

men with traditional costume.
Our project.
Free cold nescafe....heaven.
Nice kan the profile...quite festival-y.
Linda Nanuwill as the guest arstiste. She is superslim now!!!Gosh how does she achieve that?
I am so proud of this picture, coz i think it looks like something taken from a magazine kan (heheheheheheh sorry people, I perasan). Lady with traditional musical instrument - the Kulintangan.

Friday, May 23, 2008


Hello u'ol...I'm back from Lahad Datu and Kinabatangan. No interesting pics to share with u'ol. It was hot, dry and again blazing hot in those two areas. It was a tiring journey and Whimsy's delicate (cewah!) body is aching and tired. Tomorrow, whimsy will be going for outstation again in Pitas, there will be Harvest Festival Celebration to be officiated by Sabah's chief minister there. I'll try to get interesting photos k. Till then I'll leave with photo of 2 of my favorite people in the whole wide world...whimsy's niece and nephew, Fay and shopaholic owen (clearly in slumber land hehehehehe).
Oops I almost forgot, whimsy is particularly happy this week coz I manage to track down a dear friend who is very dear to me after many many many years. We (Me, him and few others) sort of lost contact after he flew to the US and the rest of us to the UK. It is not good to drift apart from friends that one care very much kan. I'll strive not to drift apart from sri, M, Jue and Min!!!
Take care u'ol.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Return to River Cottage......

Hello u'ol. How is everyone today. Today, whimsy is in a "gardening" mood. Above is a picture taken from hhtp:// , it's a hanging basket tomato plants. I just love the mat salleh gardening cottage-y lifestyle. Something like Return to River Cottage (in channel AFC Astro), where the Mat salleh goes back to basic living and grow their own glorious kan! Anyway, this sallygarden blog is worth a visit. How this family are fed up with the rat race in the city and purchase a farm in Ireland and goes back to basic. They plant food, raise livestock, make own cheese, butter, wine and ham etc....It chronicles their daily farming life and how happy they felt compared to living in the city.

I think as of today, that is my dreams (i have many many many whimsical dreams). Whimsy today's dream is to go back to Keningau and live something like the org putih...plant few vegetables, raise 3 chicken (ayam kampung!), collect eggs in the morning..hmmmmmmm. How very healthy kan!!!
Can that idyllic idea/dreams be translated to raelity in a small holding in Keningau? Hmmmmmm.....I wish we have 4 season weather kan, then we shall have winter, spring, summer, autumn....then we can plant all the 'english vegetables", and create a garden like Jamie Oliver's, to have an open air oven and cook pizza amidst the vegetables...muawahahahahahahah. is a dream...and sometimes dreams do come true.....
(p/s I 'm off to Lahad Datu and Kinabatangan tomorrow till friday)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I'm baaccccckkkkk from a very long period of "slumber". I rarely got really sick, but i guess age is catching up and this time I really had it man! It started with a minor sore throat, then high fever, then coughing.Gosh! I really hate this coughing thing. I rather have flu than coughing. I guess it is a signal to our body to rest and start eat healthily....I am without my beloved "nescafe kaw kaw ping" for almost 2 weeks now (bummer!), rice, chillies, fried food! My staples for the last few weeks was rice porridge and salted water (for gargling), gallons of water, tomato juice and orange juice. I can feel my "tinaih"@tummy shouting for ice water and fried food.
The good thing is I do feel lighter (yipeee!). I really miss blogging. It is quite a challenge to start blogging again after the "mini hiccup". I hope to get my blogging groove back soon u'ol.
I do feel like jumping up and down like Sofea and Chacha (above picture). Glad that the "evil germs" finally leave (i hope i don't jinx this and the "evil germs" make a u-turn and come back!).
Anyway my dear's good to be back again!

Friday, May 16, 2008


Hello u'ol. I'm still alive..barely...I'm recovering now. I'm sorry for the "none-posting" period. I'm at a crossroads (cewah!) in all areas of this whimsical life (????sob, sob, sob) - career wise, spiritual, personal, emotion, etc).
I hope I'll come out of this grey, hazy and confusing state triumphantly. There are many decisions (big and small) to consider...and hopefully when one finally choose one, it is the right decision.
Thank you all for your get well wishes. Till next week....

Monday, May 12, 2008

Bear with me....

Haiii u'ol. Whimsy is still not 100% recovered. This had been a very bad attack of sickness. It had been ages since my last medical leave, but last week i took 3 days m.c. Gosh....this weather is really not good. Too many "evil germs" still flying around. Do stay indoors as much as possible. I m so fed up with taking medicines as well...I couldn't wait to be okay again. I need to pack few purchase from my whimsyfabric nicely. Sorry my dear this time not good. I just don't have the energy to do anything. I still am feeling very drowsy and not being able to concentrate doing things. So many letters on my table, so many meetings to arrange...I must fight to be healthy and strong again. Dg, please bear with me dulu ya....Si dg yg betian, saya pula yg sakit berlebih-lebih kan....

Above is my mom's mothers day celebration. i didn't manage to celebrate much since I was almost horizontal most of the time in keningau. But as usual my shopaholic nephew yg "over" (LOL!!)My mom did not manage to cut the cake, instead all are singing Happy Birthday song to owen! Don't ask me how a mother's day celebration turned to an imaginary birthday celebration for owen.......muawhahahahahahah

Friday, May 9, 2008

Sickness Bug

Hello u'ol. no picture today. Just want to wish everone happy weekend. Whimsy is down with coughing, aching and all sorts of sickness. Hate this very much.....too much "evil germs" flying around. Bummer!!!! Do take care u'ol and do drink gallons of water!!! Will update soon when i'm recovered.

(pls excuse the bacground switch -not photogenic!)

Till later...

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Amazing Emily!!!

Gosshhhhh, these bags really made my day!!!! few months back, Whimsy bought a single bed cover (tebal punya kain) from fleamarket. I really adore the prints. And ask this amazing tailor to make bags out of it. I saw roses motive bags selling in Warisan Square and CT Mall are so expensive. I did not expect the end products to be these good. The workmanship is Excellent. She is so meticulous. She even jahit inside pockets for handphone, keys, magazine etc. And ada zip bagi mengelak evil pencuri lagi!!!!!!! Dia kasi bikin pengeras supaya the bag boleh berdiri!

Food and Fabric

Happy Thursday u'ol. I dread the idea of facing writers' block (Chisss...). I hope I'm not...its just there are many events happening in the past few weeks. Unfortunately I couldn't write it here for fear of being used against me(cewah....mcm famous!). Anyway, let us concentrate on the positive things only. Today is pictures day. Whimsy is posting various pictures which are not really my fav pics, but they kind of sums up last week activities.

Above is my latest purchase of king size quilt. Initially I wanted to put it on sale, however, in my eagerness to make it bright and shiny, I was overzealous and too generous with my clorox. Thus created few spots here and there. So I decided not to put it up for sale.
Vegetable steam bun @pau and nescafe o. Breakfast at an old coffeeshop in jalan gaya. Not nice. The nescafe is not "kaw-kaw". The pau is yucky!!! The vegetable filling was brownish in color (and it is suppose to be vegetable!!!--GREEN should be the color kan). Breakfast yang gagal.

Cleaned and ironed quilt. How i love to look and touch the softness of the cotton. How weird it is to form an attachment to these fabrics kan, but i'm glad they are going to good homes and will be of good use to the new owners.

Percubaan to take photo at night with no electricity. I wanted to create the effect of candlelight, but my camera flash was so strong!!
Pink rose fabric.

Nice cosy sofa kan. Most of my quilts ended up being draped on my sofa....

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Hello u'ol. Sorry for the long silence. Our internet was down since last Wednesday due to faulty connection by Telekom (bummer and sot!), then on Monday till today, I was down with fever. What i want to share is a scary fact of being wrongly given medication by pharmacist (not Janet in Daily care pharmacy - she is very thorough and strict!). I won't give the name of this pharmacy for the fear of being sued (cewah!). Email me if u want to know the name ( On monday afternoon, I felt kind of drowsy initially, and my throat did not feel good. I then walk to this pharmacy and she initially wanted to prescribe antibiotics. But i refused since Janet of Daily Care Pharmacy once told me that if possible try to avoid taking antibiotics, to "train" our body to fight "evil germs" naturally, when our body fails, then we resort to antibiotics. The pharmacy then gave me tablets for inflammation, I need to take 6 tablets initially, then 5, etc etc.
I took the first 6 tablets, and after delivering quilt to supershabbymom, i felt drowsy with high fever. The next morning i took another 5 tablets (as advised). My stomach didn't feel good. And roughly around 12 ish noon, the pharmacy called me to inform she had prescribed the wrong tablets!!!!And I already took 11 tablets!!!!!!!!!OMG!!!!!!! she sd it was not dangerous!!!! Hello!!!!!!
Anyway, I went to a proper dr, and he did not prescribe antibiotics coz he said, my throat inflammation is still in initial stage. he prescribed vitamins and lozenges to treat the symptoms only (ngam kan mcm janet said, try to avoid taking antibiotics). The whole day i gargle diluted salt water, drink lots of vit.c, and drank pure tomato juice. Felt much better now, although my ears still "rasa bangal". The moral of the story u'ol - Beware of careless pharmacist!!! and drink lots of water esp in this hot weather, and tomato juice is really healthy (although the taste is like drinking "kuah sadin").
U'ol, pls feast ur eyes to various pictures below. No connection what so ever with above posting.
The end product of the donut is soooooo not pretty kan. Punya "biut" donut dia.

Honey lamb with sesame seeds in Thien-thien restaurant (Sunday dinner). The taste...not so nice, the meat was quite hard and the smell of "kambing" still lingers.

Broccoli seafd - very nice! The broccoli is not overcooked. Still crunchy and the seafood portion is generous.

Whimsy's long bean planted in a pot. OMG! the taste of freshly picked long bean and to cook it straight away is so so so good and sweet. Do try to plant this in your backyard, since it doesn't produce many beans if they are planted in a pot.

Monday, May 5, 2008


I'm back to blogland. Our internet was down since last week, and ony fixed a few minutes ago. Bummer kan sri!

I'll update soon u'ol...