Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Hello u'ol. Sorry for the long silence. Our internet was down since last Wednesday due to faulty connection by Telekom (bummer and sot!), then on Monday till today, I was down with fever. What i want to share is a scary fact of being wrongly given medication by pharmacist (not Janet in Daily care pharmacy - she is very thorough and strict!). I won't give the name of this pharmacy for the fear of being sued (cewah!). Email me if u want to know the name ( On monday afternoon, I felt kind of drowsy initially, and my throat did not feel good. I then walk to this pharmacy and she initially wanted to prescribe antibiotics. But i refused since Janet of Daily Care Pharmacy once told me that if possible try to avoid taking antibiotics, to "train" our body to fight "evil germs" naturally, when our body fails, then we resort to antibiotics. The pharmacy then gave me tablets for inflammation, I need to take 6 tablets initially, then 5, etc etc.
I took the first 6 tablets, and after delivering quilt to supershabbymom, i felt drowsy with high fever. The next morning i took another 5 tablets (as advised). My stomach didn't feel good. And roughly around 12 ish noon, the pharmacy called me to inform she had prescribed the wrong tablets!!!!And I already took 11 tablets!!!!!!!!!OMG!!!!!!! she sd it was not dangerous!!!! Hello!!!!!!
Anyway, I went to a proper dr, and he did not prescribe antibiotics coz he said, my throat inflammation is still in initial stage. he prescribed vitamins and lozenges to treat the symptoms only (ngam kan mcm janet said, try to avoid taking antibiotics). The whole day i gargle diluted salt water, drink lots of vit.c, and drank pure tomato juice. Felt much better now, although my ears still "rasa bangal". The moral of the story u'ol - Beware of careless pharmacist!!! and drink lots of water esp in this hot weather, and tomato juice is really healthy (although the taste is like drinking "kuah sadin").
U'ol, pls feast ur eyes to various pictures below. No connection what so ever with above posting.
The end product of the donut is soooooo not pretty kan. Punya "biut" donut dia.

Honey lamb with sesame seeds in Thien-thien restaurant (Sunday dinner). The taste...not so nice, the meat was quite hard and the smell of "kambing" still lingers.

Broccoli seafd - very nice! The broccoli is not overcooked. Still crunchy and the seafood portion is generous.

Whimsy's long bean planted in a pot. OMG! the taste of freshly picked long bean and to cook it straight away is so so so good and sweet. Do try to plant this in your backyard, since it doesn't produce many beans if they are planted in a pot.


wanaryani said...

bummer juga c pharmasis atu....baik u check tu ubat...jgn2 viagra kali...atau ubat c wayne kali dia tersalah bagi.....hihihihi...

Val Aziz said...

You would think they would know better than to put an ugly donut pic to promote their donut cutter - no brainer..