Thursday, May 8, 2008

Food and Fabric

Happy Thursday u'ol. I dread the idea of facing writers' block (Chisss...). I hope I'm not...its just there are many events happening in the past few weeks. Unfortunately I couldn't write it here for fear of being used against me(cewah....mcm famous!). Anyway, let us concentrate on the positive things only. Today is pictures day. Whimsy is posting various pictures which are not really my fav pics, but they kind of sums up last week activities.

Above is my latest purchase of king size quilt. Initially I wanted to put it on sale, however, in my eagerness to make it bright and shiny, I was overzealous and too generous with my clorox. Thus created few spots here and there. So I decided not to put it up for sale.
Vegetable steam bun @pau and nescafe o. Breakfast at an old coffeeshop in jalan gaya. Not nice. The nescafe is not "kaw-kaw". The pau is yucky!!! The vegetable filling was brownish in color (and it is suppose to be vegetable!!!--GREEN should be the color kan). Breakfast yang gagal.

Cleaned and ironed quilt. How i love to look and touch the softness of the cotton. How weird it is to form an attachment to these fabrics kan, but i'm glad they are going to good homes and will be of good use to the new owners.

Percubaan to take photo at night with no electricity. I wanted to create the effect of candlelight, but my camera flash was so strong!!
Pink rose fabric.

Nice cosy sofa kan. Most of my quilts ended up being draped on my sofa....


wanaryani said...

wey mana pillowcase yang mau d jual?...

wanaryani said...

tu pink rose fabric mau jual kah? apa tu...selimut kah?...jgn lupa cari langsir putih lagi ok