Monday, May 26, 2008

Drug Addiction

Seriously people, this is not in anyway an erotic posting. During the Pitas Harvest Festival, one of the most interesting booth was the Drug Prevention Agency's. Gosh people, it was an eye opener. Check out the type of tablets below, the colors are very attractive kan. Gosh, that is very very scary, imagine us who are ignorant, not knowing what a "drug tablet" looks like, and how "evil people" can easily pass the tablets as vitamins.
The catchy picture above is how a hardcore addict injected drug through his penis. Why? Because his hand and other parts of his body were already saturated with needle marks, and cannot be injected anymore. Gosh people, this drug thing,really is a very very very serious and scary "disease".

Kurang hajar punya pengedar dadah kan!!!!!!!!!!!!


Min said...

Val, geli aku tengok gambar org tu.. cantik pulak tu dadah mcm button berwarna-warni.

whimsical said...

itulah min, aku pun geli, tapi realiti o.the pegawai pencegah dadah yang kasi tau.he sd when u dah start inject di "shenis" tu, maknanya dah tahap sgt teruk!!