Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Luar Daerah

February sees me commuting to sandakan almost every week. Pi sandakan, kinabatangan, lahad datu, beluran. Ini kali lah!!! Non stop outstation jalan darat. Journey ifrm kk to sandakan is 6 to 7 hours drive coz too many stops for pembelian keropok, dan kencing kencingan. I chose not to think of the tiredness. This is part of operasi "re building Nehemiah wall"(val punya own codded msg).

Went with teams. The Lord is good and gracious providing us wuth laughter and favour. Masa di sdk we stayed di hotel mark's lodge. Lawa ni hotel mcm org putih punya stail. Ala ala jesselton hotel. Love the timber laminated flooring but dont like the noisy aircond. Lupa i mau ambi pic bilik. Tapi paling best bila check in akan disambut dengan teh serai sejuk di gelas miring as per above pic. Bukan arak tu dlm gelas ah. Akak fall in love with the gelas miring. Entah mcm mana tu kilang potong ni gelas kan(keluar topik).

I m in lahad datu now masa menaip this entry. Masih menunggu org giat mara to take a look at our properties to rent. Biar si sara and zakir ja becakap dengan dorang.

Will be gg back to sdk afterwards another 3 to 4 hrs journey. Esok the last leg of this outstation to Beluran.

Ok tra love.till next entry

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cream Cheese N Butter Pound Cake

Seriously this cake was super yummy! Baked by yours truly. Got this resepi frm one of the food blogs (i ll update the source nanti).
The taste was rich and creamy fluffy and very wangi. Pendek kata sangat sedap lah! Tapi awas.....i couldnt imagine berapa ribu the calories! Makan potongan kecil kecil with nescafe o tawar..sgt heaven! Baked this cake twice due to high demand from inak and family. Sempat i kasi tapau bawa balik keningau juga.

150 gm butter
140 g cream cheese
4 medium size eggs
150g castor sugar
2 tbsp susu pekat(ini i add sendiri...bikin kasi creamy)
195g self raising flour
1 biji lemon(parah jusnya)

1. Pukul hingga kembang butter,cream cheese,castor sugar
2. Add telur sebiji sebiji and pukul hingga kembang again
3. Add jus lemon, susu pekat
4. Fold in the flour
5. Line cake tin with butter and bake for 50 min 150degree celcius (adjust temp ikit oven memasing- i started with 140 degree for 30 min and 150 for the next 20 min). Boleh agak pakai mata masing masing, ngam ka tidak the temp.
6. Sejuk kan dan makan dengan nescafe o atau teh o tawar. YUMMY!!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Its 1730 hours, 29 jan, sunday. The weather is dark with a bit of guntur@thunder. Kind of like tis is so autumn. Autumn in bkt vor. Very dramatic. Last friday was the farewell party for the gm who had retired. It was super fun. The gals especially had so much was a failure tho. Too cold, too salty and too bland. The were many events happening simultaneously tht day at the hotel...awal kali the food kena masak. But itu tidak menghalang semangat pesta kami.

The mantan gm is a good man. He chose to retire didnt request for extension.

P/s this post is 1 week delayed. The pic is mcademia nut still in their shells. Kath bought in Pengkalan Kubu Kelantan. begini pula rupa macademia ori...