Sunday, February 5, 2012


Its 1730 hours, 29 jan, sunday. The weather is dark with a bit of guntur@thunder. Kind of like tis is so autumn. Autumn in bkt vor. Very dramatic. Last friday was the farewell party for the gm who had retired. It was super fun. The gals especially had so much was a failure tho. Too cold, too salty and too bland. The were many events happening simultaneously tht day at the hotel...awal kali the food kena masak. But itu tidak menghalang semangat pesta kami.

The mantan gm is a good man. He chose to retire didnt request for extension.

P/s this post is 1 week delayed. The pic is mcademia nut still in their shells. Kath bought in Pengkalan Kubu Kelantan. begini pula rupa macademia ori...


fabmom said...

Too cold? Aiyoo..
Macademia sama ja rupa dgn candlenut kan? Boleh kali sub kalau tiada bahan.
Farewell MrNice Guy.
Bah. Enjoy ur new GM.

whimsical said...

M..mcm dari pagi kali dorang sudah masak.u rasa buah keras yg bikin masak rendang tu macademia ka?mcm serupa kan