Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Food glorious food....

Yo foodies out there, happy Wednesday u'ol. Whimsy needs to share glorious food that was baked by supershabbymon. The first pic is a bread pudding that i ordered from her. She charged RM10 (big size-9 inch diameter, I don't know cake size measurement, Baker Min sure know one..). It was really value for money. They are still excellent even after 5 days in the fridge u'ol. Best eaten with vanilla ice cream. Do give it a try and order from her.
Second pic is carrot & pineapple cupcake. This is excellent with a capital E! What made this cuppie special was the pineapple chunks inside. It really add texture to the cake and people the cuppie is not sweet at all. Only a tinge of sweetness from the carrot and pineapple (not sugary sweet). I already suggest supershabbymom to bake this "loaf type". I certainly will order this from her. Congratulations supershabbymom!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

White Fantasy

Whimsy had been collecting white bedding (pillowcase,bed sheet etc.). I wanted to create something like the first pic effect..., However, to date I still do not manage to source for white quilt. But last Saturday I found fitted bed sheet with ruffles. They are made from the softest cotton with romantic fluffy ruffles. I was reluctant to purchase it at first, but my "flea market instinct" was so strong (cewah!), and i relented to my "inner guidance" (LOL!!).
I soak them in clorox (diluted of course) overnight, and my heart just leap for joy when the pristine white emerged from the murky water. They are divine u'ol, so very very soft with no "kecacatan"at all, not even signs of wear and tear! I particularly love the ruffles (double click 2nd pic for better view).
My next mission now is to fine white quilt to complete the white fantasy.

(New items added to . Do visit and check out the new Flexible payment Scheme, TQ u'ol)

Shopping Spree

Hai u'ol. Last weekend was spent doing what i love best. Flea marketing. Collected huge stash of vintage fabrics. Spent the whole sunday doing washing, cleaning and ironing. Will update u'ol very soon. Got to go for mtg now.

Till later....

Friday, April 25, 2008

New addition to Whimsical Fabric

Eiderdowns added. Do check

Thank you u'ol.

Friday Musings

Whimsy is facing writers' block (cewah). So what I'll do is to post random pictures that relate to this week's happenings. Happy Friday u'ol...
Power failure (again) that affects the whole state on 22nd April 2008. And guess what was the cause? One of the power tower (that huge gigantic steel structure that looks like something from a cartoon) destroyed and fallen due to metal theft!!!! Crazy crazy crazy thieves!!!!!! Suggest to punish them by electrocution!!!!
Croissant in Hyatt, NOT nice. Not fluffy, not crunchy on the outside, not fluffy in the inside. Taste like "nolonot" (masuk angin).

Hyatt's Mini custard longan tart. NNNNNICE........

First time in whimsy life to try cigar - just out of curiosity.....NOT nice....the tobbacco aroma sooo strong, it made whimsy and the whole table drowsy. The tobbacco smell stick to hair, clothes etc. NOT Nice. Somehow, whenever I see a cigar, it reminds me of the Clinton-Monica Lewinsky story cigar story...Hmmmmmmmm (SHENIS min?)

Whimsical tiger bracelet...

Cuteliness....gadis Mayfirst

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Principles, Passion and Joy

My dear blogettes, there won't be any picture today. I just need to share with u'ol certain "serious" issue. Not whimsical issue (wink, wink).

The above heading - PRINCIPLES, PASSION AND JOY. I borrow this sentence by an article written by Felix Abisheganaden in NST sometimes ago. The article was about being a principled-centred individuals, both on professional and personal levels. Being true to one self and finding joy and meaning to one's purpose in life- be it career wise or personal.

Changes are inevitable, no matter how much one resist it. I'm trying to write this in a metaphoric way, so as not to offend anyone. The way we handled things also evolved in some way or another. Lately, Whimsy is facing some challenges that shake the deepest core of my being (cewah!). It made me question my own principles, passion and joy. It raised question on what actually is my objective career wise. Am I just doing something without any objective? Who my master is? Where do my loyalty lies? Am i doing wrong?

I am so glad my dear friends to tell u that in a small way I manage to clear some questions; to re-prioritize things and issues. I know what my objective is now. I realised that in accomplishing a project, I am not doing them for personal glory, but for the end objective. I know who my master is now. I hope and will try to strive to ensure whatever I'm doing is not to please "certain human being" but to respect the task entrusted to us to manage taxpayers' money. Some people said I was wrong in handling "this current crisis", I should bowed down and clear the mess left and to protect certain individual. Initially, that statement made me wonder whether I should be doing that, BUT now I know he is so WRONG. One cannot give justification or to correct something that is clearly wrong, in the eyes of law or simply the Law of Life.

Certain changes makes us wonder whether one is victimised, being made a "scapegoat", should we then engage in vengeful thoughts and acts. If one chose to be vengeful, then one is allowing oneself to be pulled into a maelstrom that makes everything worse.

My dear friends, I hope this challenges will make me a better person, to be re-energized in my career, and to be a principled, passionate and joyful human being.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Slanga Inggeris

Hello, this is posting "suka-suka" je. Empty blabbering....Picture above has no connection whatsoever with this post. Me likey the dress je. Very santai, and cooling. And slimming.
Do u guys tengok 8tv quicke tu ke? yg ada beberapa host bercakap-cakap in between programmes. ada minah sorang ni, yg kurus, gelap-gelap kulit sikit and gigi dia jongang sket tu? If bahasa dusun keningau gigi jogang kami terma kan sebagai gigi "ompong". Menyampah dengan dia.Sangat bingit dan bibiran kalau berckap. I don't understand di mana komersil valuenya. Somehow, I think sure adalah bapa atau saudaranya di bahagian Human Resource di 8tv tu. that's why dapat jadi host. Suara dia sangat nyaring.sure i will cepat-cepat change channel bila si gigi ompong tu muncul!
Dan ada lagi yang satu host ini yg cakap english over btl dengan slang englishnya.sgt over!!!! Sebagai contohnya, dia announce rancangan "Ugly Betty" sebagai "Ugly BeDDy!!!!!!! terlampau la bah jua org putih slangnya!!!!

WAKE UP CALL - Battle of the Bulge

Last nite whimsy visited a dear friend Pharmacy in damai. (Min, si Janet) This is her second outlet (original one is in Donggongon Penampang - Donggongon Pharmacy). The outlet has a very classic ambience. I feel so health conscious being in a pharmacy....(LOL!!), don't know why!! The smell of cleanliness, medicine etc just makes u conscious whether one is healthy enough or not. Janet did a BMI, Fat components etc checking for whimsy, using some sort of machine. I wanted to put the pic of the machine here, but somehow I couldnt put more than these 2 pictures (why is that ya? all u techhies out there?) .

Lo and Behold!!!!!!!the result is OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG, Whimsy is in the brink of Obesity (with a capital O!), my fat contents againstoverall weight is - OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG 35% of my body is FAT!!!!! That is soooooooo not good!!!! OMG If I am an edible meat (steak), I would be the best steak cut since I had the right proportion of fats and meat kan!!! Janet says that is quite dangerous coz it means my important organ (heart, "angkayau' I dont know wht is that in english, etc) are envelope with fats, and reduce their efficiency.
But seriously, this is really a wake up call for me. I v been experiencing a plateau in my quest to reduce weight. I won't disclose my weight here (sufficient to say my weight is similar to Fabmom's hubby weight, kan Fab mom, or he is lighter now!) No wonder I v been feeling lousy nowadays, I get tired easily and I got migraine attack quite often, especially when I go outstation. The bad news is I go outstation quite often nowadays, and it scares me to be consuming the migraine medication very often.
Janet the pharmacist had put me on a medication to control my appetite and to try reduce 2 kg initially. Reductill (It is RM8 per tablet...) Have anyone ever tried thie? Do share your experience. I had taken one today, and I will be sharing with u'ol the experience k. Wish me luck in my quest to be healthy my dear blogettes.

Do visit janet's DAILY CARE PHARMACY (sebelah Rafflesia Chicken Hut) and show support to our local business. They provide many employment opportunities to the local. Do ask for discounts coz they will give discounts. ANd ask Janet to do checking on the BMI, fat things as well....

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Addition at WhimsicalFabric

New stocks added to . Do visit u'ol. TQ

Chicken Pooridge

Today is foodie day. I'm always amazed at the pooridge sold in chinese kopitiam (min, bukan bubur "babe" ya). They are so fluffy and yummy. A friend told me this recipe (senang ja rupanya) (Her chinese mom in law recipe). The tips to ensure a fluffy and smooth rice poorodge is to add 1 tbsp of oil to the washed rice (before cooking).
Last weekend, I was feeling like I'm gonna have flu, so I decide to cook pooridge. Ingredients are :
2 small cup of rice (Tq supershabby mom for the rice);
2 inch ginger - thinly slice;
chicken (de-skin) with bone;
1 tsp fish sauce;
Pepper and salt to taste;
1 tbsp olive oil.
Cook for 30-40 minutes, keep on adding water and stir.

It really worked u'ol, the pooridge was so fluffy and similar to the Kedai Sehat or Hyatt pooridge (cewah..). I forgot to take the finished product though...(It was already finished when i realised to take pic!)
Try lah and do tell me your result.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Three for Tea..and a Hula Hoop Boy

Friday was a bliss. Had tea at fab mom's and later in the evening my shopaholic nephew stayed for the weekend. He is getting bigger now and trying to show off his new found skill of hula hooping.
fab mom tea was excellent with a capital E. the star of the tea was the carrot cake and I m so impressed with her rows of chilli and tomato plants! Feast ut eyes u'ol:

Gate wide open to receive us...Thank you.

My fav - vegetable plot.

Gadis Mayfirst.
Star of the day II - Kek lobak

Very artsy kan the spot turfing, somehow it matches with the overall color of the house.

Fab mom hubby manages to create a sense of spaciousness and calmness to the house, very zen like. Nicely done with excellent workmanship. Kudos to Mr & Mrs, and the builder and also the Om who planted the tomatoes and chillies.

Love this modern switch..very clean and cool.

Tolong lah......AC

I mau posting bahasa ibunda.susah sket mau mengumpat dgn bahasa si queen.OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!! aku memerlukan kesabaran nabi to endure watching af with ac mizal blaberring **********!!! apa pikiran nya atu ah? seriously if i terjumpa dia jalan-jalan di kk ni, i will baling dia dengan taik kucing!!!!!! apa pikiran astro juga ni, tiada kah calon-calon hos af lain? tidak adakah dorang buat screen test kepada hos-hos af ni? On the other hand, maybe inda semuanya salah si ac juga. Being a host memanglah bukan senang, I think its either u have it or u dont, and ac DON'T!!!! I rasa perlu a level of intelligence and alertness to be a good host, macam si aznil.
Si ac ni. memang agak kureeeng sket lah, dari segi fizikal, wittiness dan persona bintang. bukan jua salah dia lah kan, but seriously..if we are in ac's shoes now, what will u do my dear blogettes?
If I, I will jumpa si aznil and ask for advise. Then try lagi 2 konsert, if still no improvemnt, bowed down gracefully, call a press confrence and apologize to the whole nation. Why such dramatic exit? IMAGE MANAGEMENT. sekarang ni org suda menyampah dgn dia, and i bet rancangan ac mizal talkshow dia tu, sure org menyampah, rating sure jatuh punya. So do damage control lah, explain to the nation that he couldn't fulfil aznil's shoes, minta maaf dan minta peluang kpd rakyat malaysia to better himself. HEhehehehehehe
If masih juga tak mau do something, baik pi masuk tandas like pic above lah (ini tandas di office kami yg sudah 2 tahun rosak....very tak alert kan, terang-terang rosak, still tak dibaiki!! - tis particular sentence ditujukan kepada to whom it may concern)

So my dear blogettes, WHAT WILL U DO IF U R AC MIZAL?

Taxman is Coming

URRRGGGGGHHHH it's tax time my dear blogettes. 30 April due date for return of tax form. I must congratulate myself this year for being able to return the tax form before 30 April (9 days b4 due date khehehehehe). YIPEEEEEE!!! It was so much easir to fill the form via e-filling. The bad part is I owe the tax man RM552.24! Chisssssssss!!!!!!!! There goes my travel fund!
So many happenings since friday u'ol. I'm organising myself and the pics and the story line now. U know how it is with monday......
Till later my dear blogettes...

Friday, April 18, 2008

Dinner at 8....

Dinner was SUPERB!!! Made delivery of vintage fabric ordered by supersabbymom. Delivery gal was fed very very well by her. We started with home made chicken pie and cheese pizza (memang nyaman!!), the filling was juicy with just the correct saltiness, sweetness, etc. We then proceed with the main course - fried fish, sotong masak gulai kunyit (Whimsy's Fav!!!!), Soy sauce chicken with honey, cucumber and sambal belacan. OMG!!! There goes my wishlist to loose 5kg!!!! I was really feasting last nite. I even "tapau" the sotong gulai.... We end up our gluttony sesion (LOL!!) with my very fav food in the world (other than pineapple) - bread pudding with vanilla ice cream. The dessert was sooo good (I really mean it). It was creamy with only a hint of sweetness. Had it with a cup of nescafe o kaw kaw. I think I am able to finish the whole serving (medium size ramkin) if I didn't glutton on the sotong gulai.....

I didn't manage to snap the gulai sotong in my pic (I wonder where were the gulai during that time ah sri?). Anyway, supershabbymon has a very homey shabby chic home. She was the one who introduced me to the concept of shabby chic. She is thinking of selling her house, so sayang o, coz it is homey. We were entertain by her 2 daughters : Wan Hannah Batrisyia and Wan Hannah Sofea (Baker Min - she is married to a Trengganu guy, hence the name Wan). The girls were very entertaining, esp the younger one, singging lagu tema Mayfirst and Strawberry Cupcake song.
My dear blogettes. please feast your eyes to these pics...
Me likey this chair - very englishy Midsommer Murders...
A white rattan peeping through white lacy tablecloth.

She painted this stool white and add collage using Cath Kidston serviette.
Star of the night - Bread Pudding with vanilla ice cream.
Wan Hannah Batrisyia and Wab Hannah Sofea (gadis Mayfirst)

Today I m looking forward to another tea session at Fabmom's rumah agam. Take care u'ol..

Thursday, April 17, 2008


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR DAYANG!!!! above is birhday cake for you in blog land (cake banar tu dg, cantik kan) Birthday cake in real world akan menyusul kemudian.


Ini bukan blog lucah (LOL!!!), neither am I a fashionista. I would love to be one, but I don't hav ethe eye for fashion. I just love looking at em'. But Hesitant Blogger is a fashionista. She has eyes for fashion. This month InStyle...Renee is gorgeous kan. Am thinking of cutting my whimsy and flyaway hair like hers...(hmmmmmm). Punya cantik burit the model in above pic kan....No cellulite (or is it alreday being airbrushed?)
Cantikkan. Imagine kita berdiri di tangga memakai this kulimambang...(OMG!!! I don't even want to imagine..LOLLLLL)

Sexy sexy sexy stiletto. Punya bisai pakai dgn long black pants kan, and whn berjalan, baru terkeluar-keluar a glipmse of the gold.

Ultimate sandal.....

Ini barulah kasut kan!!!! check out the necklace beside the whimsy kan.

Shoul I or shouldn't I cut my hair like this? (decisin, decison, decision)

For you, Hesitant Blogger.....
So whimsical kan, I would love to be able to carry off this style - susuga with multi layers of neklace. So bohemian!