Thursday, April 3, 2008

I'm baaaaacckkkk...

Hello my dear blogettes, yesterday went for outstation to Kota Marudu for a meeting. It's a 4 hour journey (to and fro). The meeting lasted only 30 minutes, waiting time for the meeting (since the boss has to go for another meeting first) 2 hours, journey back 2 hours.....aaarrrrrghhhhhhhhhh. How good it is to have Hiro Nakamura's (as in Heroes, in the tv) ability, to just close one's eyes and when u open it u are transported to the desired location.

Whimsy arrived kk exhausted, but eager to do some gardening. Planted few onion buds and 3 lime (or is it something else, coz i wasn't too sure what seeds i threw in my potting pot). Good luck my dear plants...may u all grow big.

Gotta to go for a meeting...update soon. take care u'ol

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Min said...

Val,aku pun baru je 2 days ago menyemai benih herbs..harap-harap jadi la. this morning aku tengok ada showing some tiny pucuk dah tumbuh ! tak sabar nak tunggu dia besar..nanti i feature in blog nongkrong aku aaa..