Monday, April 7, 2008

Finishing Touches

Hi again, weekend was doing another activity (other than spring cleaning shoes) - sorting out blogger friends orders. I so love how the "mat salleh" finishing touches to their merchandise, cute ribbons and wrappers. So whimsy tried to emulate the mat salleh, uhukuhuk the best I can think of is just to tie 'em upwith ribbons lah. Min ur apron is already on the way k...Any idea on where to order for custom made paper bag?

thank you u'ol and take care


wanaryani said...

bali saja bakul keratas roses yang lawa-lawa bejual d Just 4 U!! mun aku punya anu mahal sikit hehehehehe

Min said...

Val, check out any shops selling items for bisness such as racking system, hangers, patung-patung dummy tu. They also sell all kinds of paper bag (cheaper than market price) and also price tag stickers etc. (Dulu kan aku ada kiosk..). Cheer up ok !