Friday, April 4, 2008

Yipeeee, its friday

Hello my dears, above are pics of my very first quilt flea market finds. I absolutely adore fabrics and a sucker for english motives fabrics. Sometimes I do wonder maybe (just maaaybe) in past life, I was a fabric merchant (LOL!!!!), or "penenun" fabric(fabric maker?).
Ages ago whimsy and friend went for a palm reading session (syirik ni kan), guess what the palm reader said?I should venture in fabric related business. I would love for that to happen. I hope the SUPREME BEING will reveal the opportunity to whimsy.
It makes whimsy laough to read my dear blogettes wish list. They are so fun, I m mentally listing my wishlist now. Will post it later once I reduce my endless wishlist (sigh.....). take care u'ol


wanaryani said...

I think bagus u mengurat tauke BTC...or tauke silky!!! hahahahah! tu pun fabric related juga tuuuuuu

fabmom said...

Memang ngam reading c fortune teller tu!

Val Aziz said...

After I saw ur yummy ketam..i teringat my friend recommend a Ketam dish at Suang's cooked with Salted Egg..she said MUST TRY!