Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Chicken Pooridge

Today is foodie day. I'm always amazed at the pooridge sold in chinese kopitiam (min, bukan bubur "babe" ya). They are so fluffy and yummy. A friend told me this recipe (senang ja rupanya) (Her chinese mom in law recipe). The tips to ensure a fluffy and smooth rice poorodge is to add 1 tbsp of oil to the washed rice (before cooking).
Last weekend, I was feeling like I'm gonna have flu, so I decide to cook pooridge. Ingredients are :
2 small cup of rice (Tq supershabby mom for the rice);
2 inch ginger - thinly slice;
chicken (de-skin) with bone;
1 tsp fish sauce;
Pepper and salt to taste;
1 tbsp olive oil.
Cook for 30-40 minutes, keep on adding water and stir.

It really worked u'ol, the pooridge was so fluffy and similar to the Kedai Sehat or Hyatt pooridge (cewah..). I forgot to take the finished product though...(It was already finished when i realised to take pic!)
Try lah and do tell me your result.


wanaryani said...

mau cuba lah...!!!..u should ambil tu gambar bubur mu tu...hayaaa!

fabmom said...

interesting..will try

Min said...

I love porridge. Lagi-lagi kalau ada ikan bilis goreng tumbuk and telur masin.. meleleh ! Pandai kau masak Val. Nanti buat aa bila aku pergi sana.