Tuesday, April 29, 2008

White Fantasy

Whimsy had been collecting white bedding (pillowcase,bed sheet etc.). I wanted to create something like the first pic effect..., However, to date I still do not manage to source for white quilt. But last Saturday I found fitted bed sheet with ruffles. They are made from the softest cotton with romantic fluffy ruffles. I was reluctant to purchase it at first, but my "flea market instinct" was so strong (cewah!), and i relented to my "inner guidance" (LOL!!).
I soak them in clorox (diluted of course) overnight, and my heart just leap for joy when the pristine white emerged from the murky water. They are divine u'ol, so very very soft with no "kecacatan"at all, not even signs of wear and tear! I particularly love the ruffles (double click 2nd pic for better view).
My next mission now is to fine white quilt to complete the white fantasy.

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wanaryani said...

ceewahhh....fantasi tediri!!!!!...tp...lawa oh katil mu sudah....tingal u cat saja tu katil putih & cari tabir putih...nah kau...shabby abissss...kelas gitu!!!

yasminsanusi said...

Val, kau pandai menjahit tak Val ? Aku teringin jugak nak belajar. Ada machine jahit brand Apple ke Epal ke, sekarang ni famous. Ribu-ribu RM harganya.