Monday, April 21, 2008

Three for Tea..and a Hula Hoop Boy

Friday was a bliss. Had tea at fab mom's and later in the evening my shopaholic nephew stayed for the weekend. He is getting bigger now and trying to show off his new found skill of hula hooping.
fab mom tea was excellent with a capital E. the star of the tea was the carrot cake and I m so impressed with her rows of chilli and tomato plants! Feast ut eyes u'ol:

Gate wide open to receive us...Thank you.

My fav - vegetable plot.

Gadis Mayfirst.
Star of the day II - Kek lobak

Very artsy kan the spot turfing, somehow it matches with the overall color of the house.

Fab mom hubby manages to create a sense of spaciousness and calmness to the house, very zen like. Nicely done with excellent workmanship. Kudos to Mr & Mrs, and the builder and also the Om who planted the tomatoes and chillies.

Love this modern switch..very clean and cool.

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