Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kreatif Blogger by My Think Pad

My Think Pad had nominated Whimsical for a Kreatif Blogger Award. Heheheeheeheh Tq My Think Pad. I haven't won it yet, ONLY nominated u'ol. To kasi "rencah-rencah" and make this post beautiful, i'm posting some pictures that might warrant a consideration for the title, wkakakaakakakakakakak!
Wanted to create a romantic scene (thus the lighted candle).....

Decorated cuppies..Frosting made from creamcheese.

I would like to think that this is a creative photography, hahahahhaahahaa! My "hardworking" 5 years old nephew Owen, doing menial job at my mom's hahahahahahah. Check out the kuyuk (dog) at the back!

Love for the color green perfectly captured in this jello.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ocean breeze

Outstation to Sandakan. This time, I wanted to take different shots of Sandakan. Went to Sim-sim water village after meeting. Its NOT a quaint little village u'ol. It's kind of different....a place with old movies ambiance. The houses are built on RC (reinforced concrete) stilts, neatly arranged in linear form. I guess during the old days, everything was built using timber. But nowadays, most of the houses are slowly replaced with modern building materials. I always wonder, how does it feel to live in one of these sleep at night with the sound of the ocean beneath your bedroom floor. To peep at fishes swimming beneath your wooden floor. Sounds awesome eh...

Snapshots of the Sim-sim water village. I hope my amateur photography skill does justice to the awesome village. These pictures were taken during low tide, otherwise the stilts (kaki rumah), wouldn't show.

A concrete walkway, connects one house from another.

High time to paint these houses kan. If I am the village leader, I would ask them to paint their houses with whimsical colors, (something like in Italy)...baru lah bisai kan!!

Catching lunch?

Amidst the row of houses, a unit was converted to act as a mini seafood market, people will come to buy fresh seafood (straight from the ocean), and adjacent to this a restaurant. It looks shabby but the taste of fresh seafood is out of this world u'ol.

The eatery.

Area used to dry fish - to make salted fish. And the amazing things is - there was hardly any fly and almost no stinking fishy smell. I guess the breeze from the ocean act as a natural "stinking smell and fly buster".

And in contrast, a "mini castle" is under construction not far this water village.

The outstation wouldn't be complete without food, u'ol. Below is a steam bun (pau), which was new to me. They called it a "Quick sand steam bun"...hehehehehhe curiosity kills the cat...I ordered, and was pleasantly surprised when yellow, creamy, custardy "liquid" oozes from the bun...It was soooooo yummy people. The creamy liquid sort of burst in your mouth. The "Lau Pan" said it was made from salted egg yolk with custard. OOOoooooo no is so yummy. The "quick sand" pau is now in my list of favorite food in the whole wide world.

I ordered this cake due to its colorful nature. It is some sort of sandwich cake. A layer of egg white and colorful jelly sandwich between 2 sponge cakes. Very whimsical....taste wise, ok...more for eye candy.
Take care u'ol.

2 Meetings & 1 Durian

Hello hello, yesterday was away for outstation in Lahad Datu (45 minutes by air from the capital Kota Kinabalu). Lahad Datu is a town by the sea. Previously it was known as a "scary town" due to its "open sea" location. It was a town (I think during the 80s or 90s), often raided by sea pirates. The pirates would openly moored at the sea, and calmy walked to the town and open fire (real machine gun) to the general public. Only the brave hearts dare to go and work in Lahad Datu. Fast forward to present time, the government had set up marine base here, and it is safe from pirates now. It is basically a town rich with natural resources - sea bounties, palm oil plantations, marine based industries etc. I would not categorised this town as a "pretty sea side" town though. More like a rugged town, full of character and good seafood.

Our project site, was about 5km away from the town. Luckily, the project progress was good, so the meeting was not stressful (no shouting and banging of tables). Thus, the whimsical pic above. The site was very muddy, and wellies were provided. But do check out the DURIAN beside the wellies!!!! Yuppp people, straight after the meeting, its durian feast baby!

Tips from many durian experts - durian is a fruit with an acquired taste, with very very very strong smell and custardy texture. The smell will linger for days after eating durian. So, it was advisable do drink water from the shell (to prevent over heating of body), and to get rid of the smell, to wash hands using the same modus operandi.
Muddy muddy site -not a problem! nothing compared to the thought of having durian after this....

Manage to catch up on blog world, while waiting for the flight back....yipeeey for wi-fi!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Say Cheese...

Food feast continued till Saturday, with different member. It was with Janet only. Yes people, the gluttony continued to the weekend.

Menu was courtesy of Miss Janet, it was cheese platter and fruits u’ol. Janet was so generous to bring the grapes, kiwis, cheeses (Blue vein, camembert, and 2 other cheeses that I don’t know the names, so let’s call them “moldy” cheeses).

Janet taught me to eat them with freshly baked bread (courtesy of Miss J as well), grapes and my pride and joy – the succulent and oh so pretty baby tomatoes! Yesssss, we were eating the toil of my sweats (the tomatoes, I meant, not the grapes, wakakakakak!).

OMG, the blue cheese, OMG, I guess it really is an acquired taste. Nope I didn’t like it. I couldn’t find the right words to describe it, the closest is something like a very pungent, smelly, like the insect “Posisang” (somebody please translate what is posisang hahahahahah!). But the other cheeses, me likey!

We didn’t have wines though’, I didn’t expect Miss J to bring the cheese platter, next time ah Miss J. The feast ended with a cookery class. Miss J tought me to cook custard. Now I know how to make custard, my very very very fav in the world (among my many fav..)
Did some re arrangement of a small corner at home. Love the effect of light peeping thoough lacy curtains. This pic, has got nothing to do with the cheese platter wakakakakakak!

Yup people, tht is a glimpse of Miss J at the far end.

Bird's eye view...hehehehe. I m still in love with the color of my tomatoes. Coral pink kan. Last count yesterday from the tomato plant, there are still 20 tomatoes in different stages of ripening.

Yes people, a "repeat menu", Shabbychic Mom famous risoles, which she very kindly prepared a frozen ones for Miss J.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tea Party (again...)

Had the uptenth time tea party at Fabmom's. Fabmom, Shabbychicmom & I. The menu was totally different from previous tea parties. It was "Curry Day" theme tea party. We had Fish Head Curry, Kerabu Mangga, Sambal Terung, Sambal Sotong. Straight after lunch (literally straight after lunch u'ol - we proceeded to tea!). Tea was ShabbychicMom's famous Risoles, vanilla swiss roll (yang gagal-not yummy), Fabmom's "never fail" carrot cake, bread pudding and lemon tea. Yupp people, we are a bunch of gluttons!!!! Wakakakakakak!

I wish to thank you to all for the encouragement and ever so good words (refer to "sombre" post). Thank you for cheering me up. Lee, I m always looking forward to your comments, coz I know it will be a joy to read. Tq for the beautiful words, funny tips for man and women (hahahahah man - so easy to please eh..).

Friday, July 25, 2008


Terrible terrible meeting. How does one handle dealing with an asshole! A person with a "holier than thou" act. Quoting Godly verses, policies etc to justify his ego. Do I have the energy to go on? Gossh, I know that this is the day that the Lord has made, and i should rejoice and be glad in it (Sri, M & Janet - i nyanyi dlm hati). But seriously I couldn't be glad and rejoicing today......
Gosh..I need cheering up terribly.

Michelle & Jonathan

Invited to dinner by Janet the pharmacist. Scrumptious meal. Home made bread, roast chicken, minestrone soup, and my very favorite in the whole wide world, custard eclair (P/s Sorry Lee, no sambal belacan or ayam masak lemak cili api).

Janet wanted me to savour her many selection of cheeses and wines, but we were too full after the main course! So sayang o. Below is my fav fav fav! custard eclair...

Freshly baked warm bread!!! Yupppp people....dip in minestrone and chick peas soup.

Roast chicken...sangat sedap.

Couldn't get enough pic of my fav fav fav custard eclairs.

We were entertained by Janet & Doug's children - the strapping young man Jonathan and little Michelle. Janet showed me her coveted picnic basket (P/S Janet won't sell this basket to me sob, sob, sob, sob). The kids were trying to show me the multi functionality of the basket - as a picnic basket cum toy.

(Notes: Apologize for the almost "sombre" post - today, will be having a meeting which I seriously detest.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Hesitant Blogger

(Notes: Picture taken from
Selamat Hari Jadi, selamat hari jadi, selamaaaaaat hari jadi.....HESITANT BLOGGER... (p/s sorry welwel, tak rhyme the lagu kan...)
Anyway, I wish u a very merry birthday. Keep up being a fashionista coz u really got the "eyes" for fashion.
I wanted to give u the "Never Full Bag" di kaki si sumandak tu, but it costs more than RM3,500, sob sob sob. When I'm a billionaire I surely will send u one k. In the meantime, do enjoy the picture.....
(P/s the guy so like kita punya lawyer (i couldn't put his name here, for fear of being sued!)kan, dia mcm mengexplain pasal Joint Development Agreement kpd si welwel!!!!! wakakakakakakak!!!!)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ohhh Ed Deline

Ohhhhh the joy of blogging...."meeting" new people, "visiting" places I'd never been to....the possibilities are endless. I was laughing as I was reading the comments in my previous posting, so very very whimsical! Yes lee, u did it again, such beautiful words. And to all the rest, do turn up for the picnic, but DO stay in the bushes (u need to bring your own mosquito/insect/snake repellent though, since we won't be bringing them). The movie will be on for all u "bushes"viewing pleasure.Wakakakakakakakak!

I've never been to Las Vegas, but I am so into the tv series Las Vegas nowadays. Gossh the beautiful people, fast life, amazing bodies! I was watching the season 1 (or 2?), where the character Ed Deline (the Montecito's Surveillance Chief) was still in. Danny played by Josh Duhamel is a hunk (ini baru lah" Hunk" kan M & Sri! Haiyya damn u Fergie!for having Josh Duhamel as a BF!hahahahahahahaaha!), Mike (the techhies) o so cool!, and the ladies - guys will be drooling at their itsy bitsy tiny yellow/black/red/sequined bikini/dress/tiny (minute) fabric. The 3 ladies: Molly Sims (Ed Deline's daughter) is my fav! then we have Mary and Sam. But my very very fav character is ED DELINE (the pic below). He is so suave and oh so coooooollllllll!!! (P/S Janet, I think I don't want Harrison Ford now, I want Ed Deline).

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tea Party

(notes:Picture taken from
Yuppp, ate the caffox for migraine, and face the toothless dragon. Gooosssssh, somebody please shake me back to reality.
On to a happy note, shabbymom and fabmom, are we on for the next tea party? Thus, the pic above. Likey the happy pose of the 5 lovely gals with prettty aprons. (M & Sri - the 5 bini2 atu, u, sri, I, N & W ka?wakakakakakakak!). So cutesy kan...kamu mau ke berposing begitu....ready lah pak jeff mau termuntah kasi ketawa kan (i m sure he has to take the photo la, tak kan kita suruh si aishah kan).
We (as in Fabmom, Shabbymom & I) had used birthdays as an excuse to do tea parties. And now, we are using the last "birthday" excuse...whimsical's birthday. Janet was suggesting that i combined my birthday party (?) with poppet's daughter,born on the 2nd August. I'm one day senior than her wakakakakak! i'll be 36 and she is a cutesy 1 year old!!!!I will look sooooo ancient.....nope nope nope janet, so vain today..........
I want so many things for my birthday, but i know i'm not getting any of my wants (sob sob sob sob). However, Janet's one month advance birthday bouquet (from Harrison Ford!) is still my fav! Very very original. Sri & M, I don't want flowers k.
Till later u'ol.

Extension 21

My boss' telephone extension number in the office is 21. It is usually not a good thing when the desk phone rings, and no 21 appears in the telephone screen. Bearer of bad news. Shabbymom, when she was still the secretary to the boss, used to pull a trick on us. When the boss was not in, she sometimes will call us using his telephone extension, and of course when the boss called, we need to answer the phone politely (?), and yes people she will be laughing at our "polite" voice.Wakakakakakakakakak!
Today, my migraine is throbbing, and very early in the morning, when i arrived at the office, yupppp the number 21 appeared on the screen. I decided to ignore it and pretended I did not hear the phone. The phone ranged endlessly and I did not pick it up. Yup, I know that is not a professional thing to do. I so don't have the energy for any confrontation today.

One good news is my shabby white tomatoes are finally changing color to orangey/pinkish (or salmon pink?) I love this shade, beautiful color for fabric kan.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Jewel in the Garden

Last weekend went to visit Fabmom, for a chat on her S'pore trip. TQ Fabmom for the black rugged T-shirt. Above is not the pic of the t-shirt tho'. It's a pic. of my recent flea market buy - music theme brooch, and it was only RM2.00. Gossh!! so so whimsical and i like it very much, pls note however, that I am NOT musical at all though. Couldn't even carry off a tune even when my life depends on it. So far the brooch had been put to good use to make decent an otherwise a very low neckline dress.

Below are pics of Fabmom's ever growing vegetable patches ala "Return to River Cottage" cawangan Putatan. The strangest plant is a chili plant. The fruit should point downwards as is in the picture at the right hand side, but check out the left pic, all the chillies are fully "erect"!!!! Fabmom's husband said that that particular plant is forever in a state of "horny"!!!!! Wakakakakakaak! (poeple, pls be assured that this is NOT a camera trick).

Fabmom's neighbour amazing mango trees! Gosh, don't u feel like "mau curi kait" the mangoes.

Turmeric Plant.

A tapioca plant. The shoots can be eaten as vegetable. (p/s: Very nice Lee, it goes well with your fav ayam masak lemak cili api).