Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Food for Thought

Today's food for thought:
"Isn't it almost insane how we think we know what is best? How we think we have it all figured out? And isn't it strange how disappointment can lead to delight? Isn't it odd to think how sometimes on the way to a dream, you can get lost and find a better one?"
First pic is whimsy's purchases from supershabbymom. Aren't they a delight to the eyes. I still think Supershabbymom are selling those very very cheap. I once saw in a shop somewhere in KK, similar plates/tea cups set selling for alomost 10x supershabbymom's price. It is quite difficult to find blue and white plates/tea sets that are made from in England, in Sabah. Even, if we do find them, the prices are exorbitant!
Second pic is my cucumber plant. This will be my first attempt to plant cucumber in a pot. I hope it will bear me luscious cucumber. Another step nearer to "Return to River Cottage" eh...LOL!!!
Take care u'ol.

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