Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Living Life Through A Polka Dot Bag

Was listening to a CD on Faith this morning. A good reminder to count daily blessings. Work wise had been quite uphill recently. Am struggling to keep a cool head and boost morale among my precious 5 rocks (ini good rocks ah, wakakakak) in the department. How does one protect each other from being made a scapegoat, and to ensure that no matter what kind of abuse being hurled to us, we can keep a cool head and not retaliate. To have no vengeance in us. Certainly not with human so surrendering everything to my Lord. (Sri....terdengar hidayah kali ni selepas makan ur spaghetti olio wakakakakak). I pray so that all 5 of us will come out from this storm victorious, to grow better in character and integrity.

To DG, it is so good that u're finally a mommy. U have been an extremely good rock. Now is the time for u to rest and enjoy ur baby.

Oooops i nearly forgot to relate the title of this post to the pic. 'm happy ye ye ye with the polka dot bag. One can actually identified this bag from a distance...There is no need to squint one's eyes to spot bag anymore.


Shabbymom said...

I'm sooooooo in love with ur bag!!!...pssst ada color lain kah?...c dayang beranak sudah?...bila?

Shabbymom said...

tu bag ahhh....betul-betul cath.K kannnnnn

whimsical said...

ada color coklat hitam hmmmmmmm...mcm color fav sapa tu u rasa?belum dapat sms dari beliau

Val Aziz said...

setakat pagi ni Bu Dg. blum lagi bersalin..still waiting..

Whoa!!! Me likey the bag lahh..

Anies Azeera said...

..hmm gitu lah tu kehidupan di dunia koporat. Sabar jak lah Whimsy.

Chantique dan unique itu polkadot beg.

fabmom said...

punya cantik d bag! semua ni pembelian KL? clap!clap!clap!