Thursday, March 27, 2008

Blue and White...anyone?

Hi u ol, how are everyone doing? Today is undescribable....the only way to sum up today is ??????!!!!!!. Does it make u feel sad when supposedly matured and knowledged people who are entrusted and paid by taxpayers money purposely failed to discharged their duties? when people start using race and religious sentiment to pursue one's agenda!!!it does make one wanted to puke eh...I sometimes remembered ages ago when I was young (lol!!!!), just graduated with full of energy and zest to change the world to be a better place (!!!!!!), and u thought u can make a difference. But, what a sad sad realization it is to finally dawn upon you, that the very people (so called leaders), who are entrusted with these task, fails u. Do u'ol think money can buy people? Money can buy judgement? What is the value of one's self? I failed to answer these questions. I know one does not have the right to judge others (I m so guilty of judging), but still...maybe there is HOPE......uhuk uhuk sob sob

On to a merrier notes, i bought 3 blue and white "kudutan" (plates) frm shabby aryani, people they are ggorgeous!!!!!!they really are made from England, not china ooooooo. I wanted to buy the whole lot, but since I m on a budget so, forget it .......sob sob sob. I'll post the pic of d kudutan later k. Coincidently (?) last weekend I stumbled upon the blue n white apron, is it FATE? Am i destined to buy the 3 kudutan?hehehehehehe

Take care u'ol, thank you for reading my ramblings. I feel much better now.
P/s i v updated the 3 plates with apron as background.


fabmom said...

ya I think it's your calling.

fabmom said...

And what u r rambling has got something to do with the BOD meeting, isn't it? Mesti cerita nanti aa!

wanaryani said...

weyyyy cantik oh the apron....ya misti cerita tu story....bila ah?

min said...

Val,aku dah letak gambar pinggan semua kat my Nongkrong blog..sori la Val,sayang pulak nak jual. Takpe la, I bagi satu je la hadiah, boleh ?