Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Sri jgn terkejut with the picture.very 'un english' kan. Its actually a barge to carry huge items that cannot be carried by small boats. its usually used to ferry building materials, lorries etc. This pic was taken in Semporna en route to Pulau Bum-bum. The barge is moving ever so slowly...slower than a snail. Amazing eh engineering feat ke??
Today i had a silly silly silly discussion with a very irritating person ( a certain wak). why o why so many acting and beating round the bush?why pretend to be holy but in actual fact a "ghost'(hehehe). I feel like putting him on the barge and ship him to open sea to be eaten by shark!


wanaryani said...

the barge looks like a haunted ship! maybe u should put that wak in the barge...and jangan lupa wak's uncle also...put all the tribes and sent them to that soooo call pulau in Australia! ho ho ho!

min said...

sabar Val.. geram jangan engkau geram.. btw, aku tak boleh masuk blog wanaryani, why aa ?

whimsical said...

susah sket if nak clic terus frm my link.u kena type dari add atas tu.yg paling atas kat computer u tu.