Friday, March 7, 2008


Yoo fashonistas out there...yours truly need help. Above is a cotton blouse with cute rose print. ANy idea on how to wear it without looking too "aunties" (read:elderly). I love it coz its so comfortable, any idea on how to bring it to today's era. any alteration needed? or suggestion is very appreciated. thank you u'ol..


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wanaryani said...

uhhhh...don't know ohhh how to buat??? maybe u can ask ur emily.... the print is so lovely...macam c cath kids kan kan..

<---That Girl said...

link? sure you can link. Blouse? Wear it with a hip length,fitted jean or tan blazer with emphasis on fitted, then put it with an A line skirt & tall boots. If the blazer is tan/khaki, you can wear it with jeans - straight leg, dark wash. That should keep it from looking dated. You could also belt it and see how it looks but I hate belts and keeping the shirt from shifting.

Bobby said...

val, maybe u can kasi tackle the butang and the collar .. eh, got collar kah baju tue .... the butang u can used the butang pearl either white or striking kaler sket .... ... good luck