Monday, March 24, 2008

Ralph Lauren?

What a JOY!!!!!!!!!! went fleamarket and look what i found!!! a very RED pillowcase. When i saw the label, my heart stopped for a few seconds, its RL home!!!! The RL stores in KL do not stock any RL home (or do they nowadays? i'm not sure, since it was ages ago that i visited the stores). This goes so well with my white pillowcases collection, it will add a splash of color to my white background (picuites of my imagination will follow suit..heheh)


Min said...

remember Val I have a few RL plates and bowl ? Bought in UK.. I wonder if that has some value.

whimsical said...

astaga min.soooo much value.cuba u put in your blog.pls sell to me bah...please......heheheh

fabmom said...

well congratulation! great find! u guys r so good at fleamarketing.