Thursday, March 13, 2008


Another view from the Bundu Tuhan R & R viewing deck.....very soothing to the eyes kan.
Today whimsical received sms frm a friend. Wanted to forward to u ol but expensive o (RM0.10 per sms, remember, i have to be frugal now since the overbudget on specs!!!!). Anyway the sms is as follows:
"Need your advice and help. See what you can do for a friend who is looking for a job. Architect with about 30 years experience. Involved in many mega projects. Not fussy abt salary. Can do part time or per project basis. Also willing to work as draughtsman (tukan lukis pelan) if need be. Start immediately. Profile/resume. Age: 70+, Surname: vellu, Firstname: Samy"
p/s by the way, samy vellu is an architect by qualification.
Happy thursday u ol...

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