Monday, November 17, 2008

The Tale of a Hansel & a Gretel

Once upon a fine saturday afternoon a Hansel and a Gretel were feeling down and "lost" at home (too much TV watching). A good fairy godmother (wakakakakakakakaa!) decided to cheer them up by going for cookies house and toys.
Hansel & Gretel were overwhelmed by the many temptations, however they must stick to the rule given by the fairygodmother, that each is entitled to one toy and one cookie or ice cream per person.

Gretel was distracted by many pink and glass slippers...but slippers are not in the bargain...with a heavy heart she waved goodbye to the pink glass slippers (tiada pun pink selipar dlm gambar kan).

They formed a united front to hunt for perfect toys.

Hansel and Gretel reluctantly posed for their fairy photopgrapher in front of the toys' cave.

Hansel waited patiently for Gretel's attempt to persuade their fairygodmother for a slipper..But rules are slippers.

Together they defeated the fairygodmother and managed to bring home 2 toys each (rule - one toy per person) and countless ice cream and sweets. Gretel even managed to make the fairygodmother promised to buy her a pink slippers in a faraway land in KK.
A very happy Hansel & Gretel!


Shabbymom said...

wuinaaaa....kamu balik keningau kah?...alalahhh...tu muka dorang budak bahhh kan....macam inda puas hati sama dorang punya mean fairygodmother!!!!!.....tapi tebali jua dorang sampai 2 toys kan...wakakakahhh....rasain luuu...

lawa rambut c nurul kan....keriting!!!....c nowen bah...menunggu c nurul try tu kasut!!!!!....cute kan dorang...jalan & tinguk mainan pun be pigang tangan!!!!!!

Val Aziz said...

untung ini hansel & gretel..uish steady lah si gretel punya peace sign mcm rappers oh..

Linda said...

Two very cute kids.

fabmom said...

duii..naik escalator pegang tangan...banyak juga jam c nowen tu kiri kanan..
dan tewas juga fairygodmother kan..kahkahkah!!..cute kids..cute story..

whimsical said...

c nowen ada sedikit DNA fairygodmothernya selalu over.jam mesti seblah-menyeblah.nasib dia inda taruh di kaki.

Lab papa said...

nice story la whimsi hahaha

but 2nd pics hahaha, hansel and gretel do attracted to weapons hahaha

Anies Azeera said...

Untung nya c hensel and gretel ada fairygodmother.

..tapi kan orang bilang, kalau kita selalu memberi, memang murah rezeki.