Monday, July 14, 2008

Bagel Production Process..Good Luck u'ol..

Hello hello everyone, tried my hand to do something creative last weekend....sprayed paint a can with white paint and use some leftover roses pic, to paste on the can. The workmanship still quite messy...will need further improvement to create a shabby chic effect. I'll try to use bigger can next time. Thinking to arrange sprigs of pinkish roses using the can as a vase.....Taaddddddddaaaaaa!!!!! the bagel process for u foodies out there. (I got this from Janet) Hehehheheeh good luck u'ol in making bagel!!!!!
I'm in a process to gather few materials to make special tribute to Supershabbymom's birthday on the 13th July 2008. She turn "26"! So watch this space u'ol.


uji said...

waaaa.. complicated nya the bagel process- hopefully ur friend janet will go into the process of selling frozen bagel so we all can be lazy and still can eat bagels. heheheh... btw, pretty can!

Shabbymom said...

wahhhh...cantik oh tu kutin!!!!...ada hadiah lagi kah?

Shabbymom said...

ya robbi...the process in making bagel....inda ku bekarih!!!....gilak!!!

U.Lee said...

Hi Whimsical, wow, a lady with many talents.
Thats an outstanding, innovative idea.
Very creative...I bet under different circumstances if dating you for dinner, both of us will chat, discuss, have very interesting conversations sampai the cows come home, arhaaa ha ha. Lee.

whimsical said...

Yup uji and shabbymom-will relentlessly (if need be-ugut) janet to do mass prodctn of bagel!
u.lee-Tq.Yup it would be an interesting dinner.I bet i'll be doing all the DONT's (refer to ur posting on wht not to do in a dinner).'m such a giggler!Yup defenitely big chance for the cows to come home and be eaten!hahahahaah!