Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Anger Vs. Gladness

Anger clouds judgement? Started off today on the wrong footing. My whimsical and flyaway hair feels heavy, throbbing sign of migraine. En route to work, encountered with a very selfish driver, who parked his car almost in the middle of the small Taman Jumbo road, to buy his breakfast, ***&!!!!
Work wise, we are suppose to tender few projects and consultants had been given last Friday to submit draft contract tender documents for us to go through and adjust any error. And today is Wednesday, and not a document in sight!!!! Dg had already prepared more than 50 letters to fax and invite tenderers and the date had been fixed. But the main documents are not even ready. silly silly silly QS! I wanted to start typing letters to vent my anger at this inefficiency. Mind you, they had been informed 3 months ago on the due date and everyone said no problem! No problem "tediri"!
Then, I remembered a very nice song when i was little, that goes something like this (ready ah sri & M to laugh); "This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it"...hehehehehheeheheeh then I'm not very angry anymore. I deleted my "angry letter" and went off to wash my hair. Moral of the story - DON'T write any letter when one is angry.

Pictures of 2 of my fav things today. Pic below is another whimsical rattan basket. It was my mom's market/tamu basket, for her to put in her fish, vegetables etc. I ve painted it with white spray and add the roses. And now, it's my magazine basket.


Janet said...

WoWWWWWWW!!!!! Many, many claps for Whimsy!! One for singing..Hahaha..and for the beautiful basket AND for not writing angry letter AND for giving us a moral lesson today!! And it's not even lunch time!!! Hebatlah! No sarcasm ok, bcoz I on the other hand caused a lot of destruction in many people's lives today. I wrote an angry letter!! And sent it!! And made angry phone calls some more!! I should have sung that song!!!

Shabbymom said...

wow...big clap...big menyanyi ke? i wish i'm there to hear u sing!!!!!
nice bakul...boleh lawan c indra sudah!!!!

Linda said...

Very cute decorating. And you found a good way to get over anger. Life's frustrations can seem too much sometimes but your attitude saved the day.

fabmom said...

ha! atta' girl! way to go! menyanyi? no comment.hik!

U.Lee said...

Hi Whimsical, I read re your tender and consultants 'not a tender in sight'.
My old days I took no prisoners, and many of those who when supposed to send, offer or tender and failed to do so and wasting my time, saw me personally walked into their office and...BANGED! their table! And I do mean bang!
And I don't hold back my words., "don't ever let me see you again"!

Any managers whose one page report if asked to submit by a certain date and time fails to do so on my table...the only excuse I will accept is a death in the family...I ask for his resignation.
And one excuse I never accept is, "traffic jam".

To me, when anyone says that (unless really a big major highway crash or flood) he better have his resignation in his hand.
I never had problems in our company.
I believe, if you give one inch to one person, others will ask for 3 inches. And Time is Money.
Incidentally, before you conclude I am an ogre, ha ha, if you free, take a peek at my previous posting, "Jack of all trades..", d/d 6/18/08.
You keep well, Lee.

Shabbymom said...

aku tagged kau ohh mbok.....inda payah buat 2 kali....1 kali sudah cukup!!!!

whimsical said...

heheheh dear all, tq for the wise words. I menyanyi dlm hati je....Lee, yess must be an "ogre" to get things done...maybe sometimes kan