Monday, July 21, 2008

Jewel in the Garden

Last weekend went to visit Fabmom, for a chat on her S'pore trip. TQ Fabmom for the black rugged T-shirt. Above is not the pic of the t-shirt tho'. It's a pic. of my recent flea market buy - music theme brooch, and it was only RM2.00. Gossh!! so so whimsical and i like it very much, pls note however, that I am NOT musical at all though. Couldn't even carry off a tune even when my life depends on it. So far the brooch had been put to good use to make decent an otherwise a very low neckline dress.

Below are pics of Fabmom's ever growing vegetable patches ala "Return to River Cottage" cawangan Putatan. The strangest plant is a chili plant. The fruit should point downwards as is in the picture at the right hand side, but check out the left pic, all the chillies are fully "erect"!!!! Fabmom's husband said that that particular plant is forever in a state of "horny"!!!!! Wakakakakakaak! (poeple, pls be assured that this is NOT a camera trick).

Fabmom's neighbour amazing mango trees! Gosh, don't u feel like "mau curi kait" the mangoes.

Turmeric Plant.

A tapioca plant. The shoots can be eaten as vegetable. (p/s: Very nice Lee, it goes well with your fav ayam masak lemak cili api).


Shabbymom said...

tu mango bah...terus aku teringat kerabu mangga slurpppps

whimsical said...

auuu, bole lah malam malam suruh si naji pi kait.wink wink, asal inda terbunyi ja alarm si jiran

Linda said...

I like your necklace-very feminine and elegant.

Val Aziz said...

my mum's cili padi plant oso erect like that lah...funny eh?