Friday, October 31, 2008

Cita-cita Ku

My Malaysian Economy and Intermediate Macro Economics Students. They are taking BSc (Hons) in Education. Bakal-bakal cikgu dorang ani. Today was their last session before the final exam. These groups of students I likey, very hardworking and ada hati mau blajar. I wish them all the best for their final exams. Suppose to av "majelis makan-makan" with them but tak dapat. "m not good in "beramah mesra" sang guru hanya bagi mereka usin and let them makan-makan among them ja.
Gambar atas takungan kueh mueh Fabmom's raya cookies. Gambar bawah cita-citaku. had already purchased the cupcakes stand. Need to add pretty and dainty cuppies on it only. Masalahnya adalah pembuatan cuppies. I'll try to emulate the pretty cuppies pic below and post here, in the very near future.Hmmm....

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Faces

Today 'm in the mood to post happy faces. Big and small people, laughing, monkeying around, simply being happy.......
Above is Fabmom. Gambar atas adalah empunya lamb dan kek lubak paleng sedap di dunia.

Si Shabbychicmom punya bayang-bayang ja nampak dengan baju FCUK baru nya!

Tisha - sgt adorable and damittttttttt. Pandai makan kacang lagi!

I likey this pic the best (taken by si shabbychicmom). So very Little Red Riding Hood combine dengan Harajuku kan tis litlle girl.

Young and old generation.....

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Katalog Story Part 2

Katalog story part 2 - mcm malar ber part part this pembuatan katalog. 'm very sceptical whether this impian katalog akan menjadi atau tidak....hmmmm.

Pic above is an attempt to capture the rain. If u look hard enough, u can see a glimpse of Fabmom's house amidst the dark rainy skyline.

Other than doing "gluttony activities" i.e berhari raya, wintry weekend spent "mengusai" the piles of fabric based on categories - color, tema eg: Christmas, babies etc. (actually, 2 ja tema yg i dapat cari. Tiada tema kain hari raya..).

Above pic - category miscellaneous. Tidak tau mau masuk kategory apa.

Tema pink.

Christmas motive/color fabrics.

This part - I almost give up. The many fabrics strewn all over the floor...I'm on the verge of hantar these piles to anies and let her pilih sendiri ja. I jadi mcm benggali la bawa kain dari rumah ke rumah.

The pic above, I buang tebiat. kepenatan melipat kain, so i just gambar jarak dekat this curtain.
Wish me luck u'ol. Harap-harap tiada lah Katalog story part 3 kan...

Jasmine's cosy home

Love the long weekend break. The weather was excellent. Non stop raining (gerimis ja lah) Very cool and autumny..Went to 2 Hari Raya's open house, Fabmom's and Shabbychic mom's cousin. Fabmom lamb was EXCELLENT!!!! so luscious and nyaman gila!!!!(no pic of the lamb tho').

Shabbychicmom's cousin has such cosy home. Thus the pictures in this post. i can so live in this house forever. I wanted her daughter Jasmine to model for these pics but she was very shy shy cat...I so wish that my amateur photography skill does justice to this amazing home. The moment u pijak kaki di pintu, terus tercium pleasant wangi wangian, and many pretty things. Such a feast to the eyes. Seepanjang duduk dlm rumah ni, hati rasa berbunga-bunga ja. Kudos to the owner for her amazing decorating skills. Bermata betul dia ni!

Raya cookies.

Blue and white collections.

Very romantic setting...

Ringkatan kuih muih. Cantik kan...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Katalog Story Part 1

(P/s next week kurang sikit update blog ya, boss sound sudah mau pi round the much neglected project sites for site meetings and inspections. I hope durian will still be in season....supaya lepas meeting, makan time. Aku redha ja la mau pi outstation dgn get ready many migraine ubat.)
'M quite excited about this katalog project. Had several outlines in my mind already. My target date is 2nd week of November. Yaiiii jgn juga kamu ingat katalog ni hebat ah. kampung-kampung style ja tau. Langsung inda boleh melawan katalog avon hahahaha.jauh sekali Cath Kidston atau Greengate.
Anyway, i'm currently in love with my sliding door. That is why this had been a regular feature!Malar gambar pintu kan. Love the effect of the evening sun peeping through the lacy curtain. The last picture is most recent findings from Fleamarket. I like it for its autumn/christmasy feel. Its a 3 panel 8 feet long curtain. Will be featured in the catalog and for sale.
In the 1st and 2nd pic. - the white cotton curtain was a fleamarket find as well. Really really love the delicate roses print on the fabric (double click at the pic for better view). It was originally a very big (king size i think) bed spread, but i already turned it into a curtain.

Do excuse the mess in the above pic ya. I ambik kesempatan untuk kasi kering the pillowcases guna the sunrays.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


'm craving for durian now. Bukan betian ya. Craving for hot sweet lemak durian pooridge full of coconut milk, for durian wajik, ice cream durian, durian chocolate eclairs, swiss roll durian, and fresh fresh DURIAN!!!!

A few urban legend stories about durian. There is no middle way relationship with durian, either u hate it or love it. Thats it. There are many urban legends associated with this durian.My father used to tell us kan that one must know the dos and donts when eating durian. The donts usually are fatal. Make u napatai one! Durian is a very heaty fruit and so very very rich. The main donts is NOT TO CONSUME DURIAN WITH ANY ALCOHOLIC DRINK.
Bapa aku bilang ada org di Keningau dulu makan durian, minum tapai dan makan kuyuk, tarus mati!!!! Tiada ampunan! I don't know, mati ketulahan makan kuyuk atau rangka lah kan.
Moral of the story - jgn rangka la makan durian.Berpada-pada lah aku dengan my cravings kan...wakakakakakakakakaak!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I love Hari Raya

Office Eid celebration last week. A pot luck session, but i only brought an empty tummy. The food memang nyaman.

Zakir's curry tulang (apa english nya ni ah - tak kan curry bones atau kari sapikan - bingung karang kawan ku atu mangapa tulang di karikan). Colorful cookies and cakes, very yummy brandy choc cake. Aku and Ken yg untung. Gila sedap the cake arak o!
Picture di atas tiada kaitan with the celebration. Gambar kiri dan lanjangku ja dirumah. Wakakakakakak!

Heavily pregnant Dayang mengusai kari tulang.

Si Ayu malu malu miow kena gambar.

Our must have House of Caramel and arrays of colorful cookies.

Kak H paling banyak donate food. Nasib ada Kak H o!

Corful cakes feast for the eyes only.

Monday, October 20, 2008

I need a model

Weekend spent mengusai whimsicalfabric. Sri said malar stocktaking, inda buka-buka. 'm thinking of doing a "catalog scene" mcm gambar di previous post (Fantasy), 'm thinking of displaying all my fabric seperti dlm scene tersebut supaya lawa sikit kan. Tapi sedang mencari model shabbychic now ni dan garden setting to provide beautiful background. Wish me luck in making the catalogue a reality u'ol.
Close up pictures of the fabrics that will be offered for sale very very soon.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Garden of NOT Eden

'M on leave for 1 week. Much needed de-stressing moment. Took time to tender little balcony garden. To date the list of edible plants are Lime, Pucuk Manis (cukup-cukup bikin tambah di maggie), Long beans, Tomatoes.

Long beans, photogenic betul ini tumbuhan ber background kan dark cloudy sky.

Friday, October 10, 2008


Sometimes ago, Anies awarded me with this Goldcard. 'M going to fantasize tht I truly have the card that has other material function as well....My goldcard will have the following "sifat-sifat':
1) No need to pay back amount charged to the card (ini barulah impian tahap maksima);
2) Must spend it on home only (need to put this restrictions,coz i'll go rampant in my imagination, menangis karang this blog being penuhi dengan pelbagai gambar2 materialistik).

Taadaaaaa, my goldcard will enable me to have all these (pic. below). I will even dye my hair blonde supaya ngam dgn model hehehehehehe. Oops on second thought, nope, blonde does not suit me, instead 'm going to have a sexy long brown color curly hair. Will employ the best builder to build a small cottage, with timber board flooring, french windows, windowsill garden herbs, and shabby chic english decor. Even the gelas2 dan tikuan yg bini2 org putih ni pegang pun i akan beli. But the cupboard, mungkin i'll kasi terang sikit cat putihnya la, nanti my mom hairan kenapa lemari dapur i buruk! (tak kan mau di explain to my mom that shabbychic is "in" hehehheehehe).
The gangansing and all the fabric akan ku beli juga. Basically everything (all fixtures and fittings) will be purchased hehehehehhee.

(Notes:Picture taken from Green Gate Summer Catalogue,