Friday, October 10, 2008

Never Full Bag

This is fun. Tagged by Sharon, on contents of handbag.
Biasa-biasa je contents of my handbag, nothing illegal inside. Things to occupy myself while waiting je. Nowadays it seems like, I do a lot of waiting...queuing, picking up people at airport, waiting for people. Therefore, 70% of things in handbag to ensure I don't go crazy doing nothing while waiting.
1) Nigella Lawson cookery book, a gift from Fabmom. Love this book coz of the amazing food pictures, and to be amazed by Nigella's pretty face. Lawa banar ini perempuan.
2) Bella Tuscany-Sweet Life in Italy, a sequel book of Under the Tuscan Sun. It chronicles the journey of a lady buying an old house in Tuscany, restoring the house to its splendour, nurturing the dilapidated garden, and embracing the Italian food, wine and life in general....This book will transport me to Tuscan...a temporary escape and give much needed rest amidst the not so "Tuscan Life in KK".
3) Agatha Christie Book - My favorite of all 3.
4) Wallet, Sunglasses - ini biasa ja.
5) Socks (the stripe rainbow colorful ones) - Need to ensure socks is ready for the sometimes too cold aircond at the office or at church.
6) Caffox (aluminium strip) - for migraine. A MUST.
7) Dragon Fruit (the pink roundish one) - 'm into dragon fruits eating nowadays. Supposedly help to cleanse the liver. Tapi seriously, bikin senang mau berak if makan ni buah.
8) Carrot - entah kenapa this termasuk dlm beg. But this is essential for munching and good for health (hehehehehehe).
9) Pink flower Kantung - To put handphone and keys. Made from fleamarket fabric.

Itu je isi kandungan beg i. Bah Anies, apa isi kandungan beg u?


Zaiton Yunus said...

astaga...baru ja cakap sm c anies...buli imagine u duduk2 di airport munching2 tu carrot...

btw...mcm sm ja beg kita tu...but i believed yours is the bigger version...

Val Aziz said...

OMG ada little garden dlm beg yg inda pernah penuh ni yer..Oh n I love juga the movie under the tuscan sun..nanti kalu u suda abis baca bleh pinjam ka the sequel book..and yes Nigella is gorgeous and to me the perfect woman..tinguk dia makan pun mcm so passionate kan..oh and yess the purple dragonfruit is sedap dari yg putih..bikin the poop warna purple juga tu heheh

Shabbymom said...

wakakahhh....mbokkkkkk....CHURCH??????....& jangan lupa kuih pais bangas muuuuuuuu!!!!!!

welwel....mimang little garden kannnnnnnn

Linda said...

I always carry books too. I hate being stuck somewhere with nothing to do.

fabmom said...

2 yang perlu disahkan :-

banar kah? sejak bila jadi alim rabbit? hehehhh jangan marah aa..jangan marah aa..

Anies Azeera said...

..never full, I like that.
..dragon fruit & Carrot, how interesting. u really want to know apa isi kandungan beg i? ... tunggu...

whimsical said...

hahahahhahahaaha sot u fabmom and shabbychic mom.auuuuu mau start ka church suda aku.i mcm si sri dulu, terdengar suara-suara.wakakakakakkaakakaaak.Tapi inda jadi sister la...carrot ani,coz mataku perlu vitamin. Placebo effect kot, tapi mcm putih mataku memakan si carrot ani.