Monday, January 2, 2012

Ushering 2012

First entry of 2012. This post will be without pic...entah mcm mana mau paste pic pakai ipad.desk top jua la senang kan. I wanted to do a summary of 2011...i had the karangan in my head and it seems to be easy peasy to jot down. But when keypad depan mata...mcm keras pulak otak i.well....i ll just follow the flow.bear with me.this post might be jumble up ya.

New year was spent at home in keningau. A small bbq with family. However i was down with sakit gusi. Gigi bongsu yg mau tumbuh but no space and ended up bernanah the gusi. Irritating and such mood spoiler.

Today 2 jan was movie day with bff M and S. The much talked about Ombak Rindu. S organised at her home.plenty of food. Our feedback....kami inda menangis la. Maybe because kami lalai berketawaan dan i mcm bangal-bangal inda dapat tangkap apa si aaron aziz cakap.nasib ada si sri tolong ulang dailog. Slurring bah si aaris tu.kalau si Mail aku dapat tangkap.terang suaranya. Sayang ja kasi sedia tissue..tidak digunakan untuk mengelap si ayer mata.

Anyway back to my summary of 2011. This is more for my own record so when i am 79 yrs old i can read back and remembered the milestones.
1. Enroll myself for MTs (Master in Theology) as part time student;
2. Get certified as Unit Trust Consultant under Public Mutual Berhad. Took the course and exam and i pass..yeayyyy.(might be blogging more about this)
3. Ofis- major restructuring. The merging of 2 departments. Dulu hanya ada 6 of us and now dekat 25 org sudah. I label this restructuring as Nehemiah's wall re building.

Penat sudah jari i. A blessed new year dear all.


fabmom said...

Thumbs up for ur milestone.

Shabbymom said...

wahhhh! ada hapdate sdh!...apa tu Theology?

whimsical said...

Hahahahahhaha memang aku menunggu soalan dari mu. Christian education bah hahahahah

Shabbymom said...

wahhhh!...kau mau memperluaskan ilmu agama mu!!!