Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Abundance of Christmas 2011 (descrpition)

Manage to post pics using hp...yet unable to typw any descriptions. Well....i m not gonna give up.biar la the ayat bercerai cerai dengan the pics ah. I m so blessed with many thoughtful christmas gifts for 2011. Pics and givers are as below;

1. Dainty oil cloth roses bag - from fay.totally love this.this however was a special request from yours truly to fay heheh.
2. Polka dot tikuan and cawan - so dainty and loves them to bits. So colorful and ceria kan. From M, chosen by Julia.
3. Victoria English choc biscuits- simply adore the kutin. The cookies are divine. Brings me back to memories of Liverpool..where they were a staple back then.
4. Cadar set - from kawan-kawan ofis. This really touched me. They pool money and bought me this. Sikit lagi akak ter keluar ayer mata.kalah ombak rindu.
5. Kuali (pic akan di upload later)- from Dayang. this i realy really want. My old kuali sudah be tagar and it was high time to get new one. Was looking high and low for a good kuali.
6. Roses print umbrella - from inak. This make me smile. So so pretty.inda sampai hati i mau pakai kena hujan.
7. Bouquet of roses - from Sri. These were special request from yours truly as well. Loves the pink salmon color roses.
8. Blue bracelet - from Ros. so dainty and pretty. Wore it to christmas mass.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.


fabmom said...

Sioknya banyak hadiah! Lawa2 lagi (ehem). Kenapa gambarnya 4 saja hadiah 8? Mana kuali, roses bouqet dsb?

whimsical said...

M baru aku mau mengambar the other 4. Sabar ah hahaha

Shabbymom said...

au!...kecil hati ku indada gambar bunga!..hehehehehe