Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Durian Kampung

Musim deroyon telah datang lagi. It has been ages since i enjoyed eating durian...but not yesterday.yesterday was d day i got my durian mood back. Di jalan papar lama. Rm5 se kilo. D sd awal musim it even fetched rm15 to rm20 per kilo. The bitter sweet tastevwas just nice.managed to finished 5 ulas durian.milky and custardy.pendek kata puas hati lah. And as usual cita-cita i besar. Bought beberapa biji dengan tujuan mau buat kek durian! I alrdy asked janet how to bake sponge kek durian....i mau at least bole mcm standard the Harrods Victoria Sponge Kek....bah.......ini kali lah!

Will update the result of the misi pembuatan kek durian ah. Ada hati juga i mau buat ice cream durian...but reality sets in...jgn jua terlampau cita cita sehingga ke bulan kan. As of now cukup setakat misi kek ja la. The lau pan durian sd ini durian jEnis kampung. Not bad juga o kan boleh lawan yg mcm mcm jenis durian yg ada di pasaran nowadays.

Lain cerita. My face is so puffed up kan.bulat btl o.i can feel i gained loads of weight during the holidays. Inda jua i banyak makan (statement berani mati). I think the culprit was tiada exercise langsung. Seriously for once i really really hope to be able to achive a weight of 60 kg. Currently at 64kg. Inda jua bah banyak 4 kg tu kan..but mcm inda la dapat bergerak the jarum weighing scale tau. I want to put the goal of 60kg as my second azam beside the improve on procastination ya. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me...yeayyyy!!!hehehe doakan kejayaaan akak.

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