Monday, May 25, 2009

Re-branding Mondays

Re-branding Mondays. Is it even possible? Came to the office greeted by the trainees' noise. Pening kepala ku terus. Immediately I can feel the migraine creeping to my head. Enjin kerja pun lama mau start. New and better approach is needed for Mondays. No more blue mondays tag, or tag tag negatif yg seumpamanya. Every day is a good day including mondays. So people, I m embracing my Monday with a new perspective now.
Several photos from my outstation. Above picture ia a lone perahu damit "parking" in the Semporna sea.
The Semporna Floating Restaurant walkway. Such a romantic lighting kan. I like the walkway best. The food is gagal though.

An island faraway in Semporna, that looks like a sleeping man (with a very much distorted figure though).

Take care all.


Val Aziz said...

i like all ur pics..patut ko p beli DSLR suda ni tau..u really have good eye for photography.

fabmom said...

adehh..gambar perahu kosong..
yes..i remember the walkway..ada org berjualan pearls d hujung..

Anies Azeera said...

O, I agree with Val. High time to get DSLR. Memang chantique semua gambar-gambar yang you take.

I like the last pic, the sleeping man.

Shabbymom said...

wakakakahhhh!!!!....gambar perahu kosong menandakan apa ya?....

woi mbok.....tu anak2 praktikal lakat lagi bising kah?....suruh dorang baca tender document yang tabal2 tu....kau cakap saja sama dorang misti hafal semua tu....nanti ada test!!!!!!!wakakakakahhhhhh

whimsical said...

Hehe ibu-ibu terima kaseh atas komen membina pasal gambar-gambar ku.fabmom-sot u LOL.
Shabbymom-Suda aku tegur the anak-anak praktikal.LOL