Saturday, May 8, 2010

May pretties

High time I posted some pretties, don't u think so?

They are only 6 (including this one) posts to date for 2010. Things had been pretty hectic, but that is not a very good excuse to neglect tis whimsical blog of mine eh.

Weekend was filled with too many to do lists for spring cleaning. First task is "berkarya", giving a tired dresser a "springy flowery look". Not too tidy tho but shd be ok for now. Need to tidy up a bit more. Will post the completed pic.
Take care all.


fabmom said...

nice. keep it up!

Shabbymom said...

lawaaaaaaa!!!!!!!...yg u beli dikaison kah tu keratas?

whimsical said...

yg tingkat paliing atas- tisu di daiso
2 tingkat ke bawah - di MPH. mau mumut sudah bah the kertas - jadi perlu di guna