Monday, April 19, 2010


What a privilege to be able to visit Bario in Sarawak. By plane via Miri. A 50 minutes flight on a 18 (or 19 or 16, lupa ku) seater, tiny air plane. Doa lah banyak-banyak sebelum masuk dlm kapal damit.

Excellent hospitality by the Kelabits. A blessed land. A trip that was good for the soul. Too many pictures taken,too few words that are able to describe the land.

Among my fav is the local limau. Juicy and crispy (ada ka limau mcm tu?). Gemuk lagi the limau dari hp i kan.
A maiden visit to a Kelabit longhouse. A priceless experience. We were greeted by an array of food. Fit for a foodie king/queen.

Bario on a rainy day.

Bario is indeed a blessed land. The favor of God is upon this land.

Till later. Take care.


Anonymous said...

Yai! Ko tinguk si flower tutup mata dia "tinguk" tu makanan!! Hahaha! Lawa the last foto oh..mcm back to river cottage..memang bulih oh deorg kelabits buat kan whimsy..

fabmom said...

is this where beras bario come from?

whimsical said...

au M.dAN GARAM BARIO juga.nanti aku bawa time teaparty kitani