Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ramadhan Cake

Baked cream cheese pound cake today to usher the month of ramadhan. Wishing all my friends a haapy ramadhan. I wish to join in the fasting to cleanse my internal system. But awal pagi sudah i membake!! I must say this cake is so yummy!!! I tweak a bit on the recipe...adjust here and there. I wanted to put the pic..tapi susah bah pakai ipad.nanti la i upload pic ya. The recipe is: 100gm flour 100gm almond flour(original recipe calls for 195gm flour, but i change to half flour and half almond flour) 150 gm unsalted butter 140 gm cream cheese 3 eggs Sikit salt Sikit bikarbonat soda Sikit baking powder Chara chara: 1. Pukul till kembang butter dan cream cheese. 2. Add eggs one by one and beat till fluffy. 3. Ini yang renovate...instead of sugar i replaced with honey and condensed milk for the sweetness. Jilat sikit the adunan to check the level of sweetness. Main rasa the kemanisan. 4. In a separate bowl, sift together flour, almond flour, salt, bi carb, baking powder. 5. Fold in the sifted flour to the butter mixture. 6.baked in oven 160degreee celcius for 30 min first. Check if masak if belum bake another 20 min. Temp adjust ikut your oven. Start dgn suhu 150 first then adjust adjust. 7. I tell u it is so yummy and dense!!!!! Hidang selepas terawih dgn kopi o!


Yasmin Sanusi said...

isshhh.. val ni, apakah ertinye tanpa gambar ? happy puasa to you too.

fabmom said...

oh..ada pula post baru. looks v yummy. memang moist kan..berderaian lagi..
jadi berapa hari sudah u puasa? hihi.