Thursday, November 4, 2010


October was wrapped up by a very short visit to a neghbouring country. Shopaholic mood in full gear. Hasil-hasil:
1. 1st pic. Earring and Bracelet, from Forever 21. Just love the store. Quirky and the price "berbolai".. (note: a minimum of 2 hrs required to browse thru 4 floors of this shop. Do make ample time in itinerary.) Likes the earring shape but a bit berat. There is a slight possibility the weight of the earring will elongate one's ear!

2. I alrdy pok-pok these shoes in KL since..forever. The price tag in KL was RM490 (mcm..tidak lah kan.Too expensive). Astaga, found these 1 last pair for MY size for SING89.90! berbaloi ka tidak!!!! So yes!

3. RL shirt - black and off white (susunan pics. tidak ngam.)

4. Latest book in the Shopaholic series. Not as funny as previous books. I think Sophie Kinsella had sort off loose steam in terms of "funny- ness". It is still funny but not the "roll- on-you back" funny. Mahal pula tu. They haven't got the cheaper version out.

That was all for October 2010. An eventful month indeed!

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fabmom said...

waaaaa!! not bad hasil tangkapan ! so cantik earring tu V ! tapi berat? sekejap2 buka la kan..demi kecantikan..aiseh..logo saja kau kasi nampak..gelap pula tu...kasut, earring,baju..boleh sudah p xmas party..ok la 2 hari punya hasil.